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Fixed a bug in the i18n extraction option handling and added a silent…

… option.
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commit 1161915fd7673275f77560ab110963c85cbda676 1 parent 7d268be
@mitsuhiko mitsuhiko authored
1  CHANGES
@@ -9,6 +9,7 @@ Version 2.7
separately in order to work in combination with module loaders as
- Fixed filesizeformat.
+- Added a non-silent option for babel extraction.
Version 2.6
2  docs/extensions.rst
@@ -34,7 +34,7 @@ translatable and calls `gettext`.
After enabling dummy `_` function that forwards calls to `gettext` is added
to the environment globals. An internationalized application then has to
-provide at least an `gettext` and optoinally a `ngettext` function into the
+provide at least an `gettext` and optionally a `ngettext` function into the
namespace. Either globally or for each rendering.
Environment Methods
9 docs/integration.rst
@@ -38,6 +38,15 @@ that templates use ``%`` as `line_statement_prefix` you can use this code:
of import paths as `extensions` value. The i18n extension is added
+.. versionchanged:: 2.7
+ Until 2.7 template syntax errors were always ignored. This was done
+ since many people are dropping non template html files into the
+ templates folder and it would randomly fail. The assumption was that
+ testsuites will catch syntax errors in templates anyways. If you don't
+ want that behavior you can add ``silent=false`` to the settings and
+ exceptions are propagated.
.. _mapping file:
10 jinja2/
@@ -552,6 +552,10 @@ def babel_extract(fileobj, keywords, comment_tags, options):
The `newstyle_gettext` flag can be set to `True` to enable newstyle
gettext calls.
+ .. versionchanged:: 2.7
+ A `silent` option can now be provided. If set to `False` template
+ syntax errors are propagated instead of being ignored.
:param fileobj: the file-like object the messages should be extracted from
:param keywords: a list of keywords (i.e. function names) that should be
recognized as translation functions
@@ -571,8 +575,10 @@ def babel_extract(fileobj, keywords, comment_tags, options):
def getbool(options, key, default=False):
- options.get(key, str(default)).lower() in ('1', 'on', 'yes', 'true')
+ return options.get(key, str(default)).lower() in \
+ ('1', 'on', 'yes', 'true')
+ silent = getbool(options, 'silent', True)
environment = Environment(
options.get('block_start_string', BLOCK_START_STRING),
options.get('block_end_string', BLOCK_END_STRING),
@@ -596,6 +602,8 @@ def getbool(options, key, default=False):
node = environment.parse(source)
tokens = list(environment.lex(environment.preprocess(source)))
except TemplateSyntaxError, e:
+ if not silent:
+ raise
# skip templates with syntax errors
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