Who Uses Mithril

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Rollyt - Rollyt is a feature-rich web-based player for Youtube that provides an all-new experience of playing Youtube videos. Rollyt is entirely built with Mithril.

Evident ID - InfoSec personal data verification platform serving sharing economy companies like AirBnB, TaskRabbit, UrbanSitter and Handy, among others.

MLB.com - MLB Advanced Media used Mithril for its Draft Tracker page.

VHX - We help content creators launch their own streaming video service. We've been rebuilding our admin dashboard to use Mithril, and will eventually build a lot of our consumer facing pages with Mithril. Now a Vimeo company.

Abot - Abot is a bot development framework that makes it easy and fun to build your own digital assistant like Siri, Cortana, or Alexa. The entire admin dashboard is built on Mithril, including analytics and a training interface.

orangechat.io - A messenger application for the web and mobile tied into reddit.com. Using Mithril as its core framework for the entire frontend on all platforms to keep it nice and light. Forms, websockets, event bus, all tied together with Mithril.

Guild Wars 2 - Guild Wars 2 is using Mithril to power its in-game marketplace

Lichess.org - The second largest chess website in the world (and mobile app) with over 1.4 million page views a day. There's open source code available in its main site repo, its board engine repo (Chessground), and mobile app repo (Lichobile).

Bioinformatics Toolkit - The MPI Bioinformatics Toolkit is an open, interactive web service for comprehensive and collaborative protein bioinformatic analysis. It offers a wide array of interconnected, state-of-the-art bioinformatics tools to experts and non-experts alike.

Nike - Nike uses Mithril on its github page

Brixtol Textiles – Brixtol Textiles is fashion brand from Stockholm, Sweden who uses Mithril internally within their company and has various components on their storefronts that are built with Mithril. Brixtol also uses Mithril as a slip generator at https://slipper.brixtol.com and is the first merchant on the Shopify platform that uses Mithril to handle the cart logic on their various stores.

Sunday Seven Agency – Sunday Seven is a fashion agency from Stockholm, Sweden who manages and acts on behalf of international apparel brands like Brixtol Textiles, Havaianas, Superga (just to name a few). Sunday Seven uses Mithril as their Agency website.

Techwalla - Tech reviews you can trust: Techwalla cuts through the noise with a single metascore and purchase recommendation based on reviews from around the web. The entire front end is Mithril powered and we are using mithril-node-render on the backend for server side rendering.

90min.com - "After 3 intensive months, we deployed to production today our new front-end layer which is built upon Mithril and flux. For now, we are using it only for our post pages, though we plan to use it for other pages as well. Currently we have 27M unique users a month, so it may be one of the largest sites using Mithril" - Ron Schwartz

Iconfinder - Iconfinder uses Mithril for its more complex user interfaces, such as sales analytics.

Memrise - Memrise is an online learning platform for languages. We have been using mithril on various parts of our web application as well as internal content creation tools.

Mashape - Mashape is rebuilding the frontend of apianalytics.com w/ Mithril

Flarum.org - Flarum - a new generation forum software - used to Mithril to replace its Ember-based frontend and got noticeable performance and maintainability improvements

Fitbit - Fitbit is using Mithril in parts of its App

Curate Science

Fusion TV - The Chris Gethard Show website is a Mithril web app embedded into a Wordpress site

Apcera - Apcera uses Mithril to power the web-based UI for their Hybrid Cloud OS.

RacingExtinction.com - Racing Extinction is a documentary about the extinction of species by Oscar-winning director Louie Psihoyos, who directed the documentary The Cove. Racing Extinction premiered at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival and was picked up by Discovery Channel shortly after.

Melpa.org - Milkypostman's Emacs Lisp Package Archive is an early adopter that ported its codebase from Angular to Mithril

Klick.com - Klick is the largest digital pharma marketing agency in North America. It uses Mithril in its intranet system, Genome

RuneAudio.com - music player software for embedded hardware devices

KopaApp - A lightweight Kanban tool for Github and Gitlab collaboration

Mailchimp Sync plugin for Wordpress

Jarvis v2 - A dashboard framework designed to run on the Raspberry Pi. Featuring live-updating widgets using server-sent events. Can be easily extended to fit one's specific needs. Server-side framework written in Python and all the widgets are written with Mithril.

ListKit - Public list share - Github

EquityEats - equity crowdfunding platform for restaurants and bars.

ArenaNet - online registration (buried in scripts.e9b4ae10.js)

DSTLLRY&Co. - Blog from Matt Keas, (using older Mithril v0.1.30) integrating pace.js(progress bar), showdown.js (for markdown) and Disqus (for blog comments) - github repository

Geut Studio - Each layer of the logo is created with Mithril Components and animated with VelocityJS.

Spanish Level Test for Android - An educational spanish level test created with Mithril v2.1(next)

MailDeveloper - HTML email editor.


Skunktime - App to find what's open late at night in Thunder bay, Ontario

NarraFirma - FOSS multi-user webapp by Paul Fernhout and Cynthia Kurtz with about forty virtual pages in a single page web application which leads people step-by-step through a complex process called "Participatory Narrative Inquiry" used for sensemaking, market research, and community development. The app can be hosted either as a WordPress plugin or as a Node.js app. Both backends support a multi-user messaging architecture involving triplestores where new messages to a store can lead to Mithril UI updates in any client polling the store. The WordPress admin GUI also uses Mithril. Several pages of the application display interactive statistical graphs and interactive clustering diagrams using D3 code which is wrapped in Mithril. The application has a general purpose "grid with item panel" in Mithril as well as several other custom widgets. These Mithril widgets are composed into virtual pages defined by specification files using a panel builder approach. Source code is available under the GPLv2 or later on GitHub. The main site also hosts an example project to play with.

tutory.de - TLDR; Github for learning material. tutory is an authoring tool and online editor for teachers to create learning material. The material can be published as OER (open educational resources) and then remixed and edited by other people of the plattform.

Station307 - Station307 is a service which offers file streaming over HTTPS. The web frontend is built with Mithril and Opium in ES2015 with MSX.

Autodesk Stingray Engine - The Stingray Engine Editor is a Qt desktop application running in a main window hosting a Chrome Embedded Framework view (CEF). The UI is all done using web technology (mostly Angular for version 1.0 of Stingray). Our UI needs to display a lot of data (scenes with more than 30000 elements, projects folders with more than 10000 assets) and feel as snappy as a "native" desktop application. For the first versions of Stingray we have struggle with lots of UI performance problems. The newly release version 1.2 has been sped up greatly by Mithril. We have been able to rewrite the Property Editor in a few weeks using Mihtril and got more than 30x performance increase compare to our Angular 1 implementation. Our goal is to slowly port most of the UI of the Editor to Mithril.

My Surrey Portal (beta) - All of City of Surrey online services from one place. The MySurrey Portal works on your desktop, tablet or phone to allow you to quickly, conveniently and securely access popular Surrey online services. Pay a parking ticket (https://my.surrey.ca/parking-ticket), Request building records (https://my.surrey.ca/building-records-search), or Submit your construction site's Fire Safety Plan for review (https://my.surrey.ca/fire-safety-plan), with many more to be added in the future.

code121 (beta) - code121 is the marketplace that instantly pairs coders with programming experts to receive specialized, one-to-one help.

Frontend Masters - A blog post from July 2016 mentioned that they built the frontend of their new video player using Mithril (https://frontendmasters.com/2016-roadmap/)

Calligraphr - A webapp to convert your handwriting or calligraphy into a vector font.

Rayfeed - is a platform for improving apps with customer feedback. All of its front-end is powered by Mithril.

Express Image - Express Image uses Mithril to power digital signage and wayfinding applications for malls, airports, menu boards, and other interactive digital displays.

Komiflo (NSFW) - The official Japanese online distributor for the best-selling adult manga publications. Mithril is used to create an "app-like" comic browsing and reading experience.

Continued Entertainment - is a platform for distributing music and videos for artistes on digital platforms worldwide. The front-end is powered by Mithril.

Lotto and Eurojackpot - Lottery games by Danske Spil (the National Danish Lottery Association) entirely powered by Mithril.

Duedot - ML enhanced collaboration tool that transforms the way businesses communicate and share documents with clients. The webapp is entirely powered by Mithril.

CarnnyMarket - CarnnyMarket is a service which offers the used car personal dealing in the japan. The webapp is mithril and we are using mithril-node-render on the backend for server- side rendering.

Contabulo - Contabulo is a team knowledge management and content collaboration tool. The front-end is powered by Mithril.

StoryHarp - StoryHarp is an interactive fiction authoring environment focused on making CYOA-style experiences where you pick from a list of choices. It was originally a desktop application in Delphi but has now been converted to run in the browser using JavaScript/TypeScript, Mithril, and Tachyons. Source is available under the AGPL license at the StoryHarp Github project.

Sawtooth supply chain from Hyperledger. A distributed application to help trace the provenance and other contextual information of any asset. It can be used as-is or customized for different use cases. This distributed application runs on top of Hyperledger Sawtooth, an enterprise blockchain. MithrilJs is used in the asset_client folder.

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