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This project is to reimplement my MUD scripts so they aren't so embarrassing to share with friends. With that in mind I need to give some credits. At some point during the 1.x releases of Tintin++ I was referencing the scripts from the website that Scandum has made public domain. My own work is available under the WTFPL.


  • The "Logs" directory will need to exist in order for various logging functions to write correctly. So the directory will be under version control, so git clone can pull it.

  • BEWARE older releases do not have Utilities/worlds.dat in .gitignore and it is possible to commit it with sensitive data.

Getting Started

After downloading the files, you'll want to remove the .example from the files module.conf.example and system.conf.example and replace the information with your preferred setup. Then it's as simple as running:

tt++ path/to/main.tin

Once there you can add characters via the "addworld" command, and connect to one of those worlds using the alias "cn".

For further information, the simplest way to get started is to head into the project directory and run:

grep -r "ALIAS" . && grep -r "FUNCTION" .

Project Structure

The basic layout should be something like:

+-PROJECT_HOME: the head project directory
  +-Characters: where character specific files go
  +-Logs: this is the default folders should write logs to
  +-Modules: where RoD specific scripts are stored
  +-Utilities: where generic scripts are stored (i.e. scripts that only
    deal with Tintin)
  +-main.tin: this one file should read in everything you need in #gts and
    to load up your characters
  +-modules.conf: this turns modules on and off, and may define variables
    for those modules

Types of files:

  .tin | Contain aliases, functions, actions, etc.
  .dat | Contain only data for use in another script (e.g. character listing
       | or equipment damage listing)
 .conf | Setup variables that a user might change

Road Map

Subject to change. Part of sharing is hoping that another mind can come up with some neat ideas to include.

Version 1

Milestone goal: Help make tintin easier to use for logging in and offer some neat features

  • Simplified connect with stored character data
  • Simple speed walk with storage: check vs built-in speedwalk
  • Basic MSDP
  • Basic battle scripts
    • Disarm
    • Cure blind if true sight runs before gouge/blind

Version 2

Milestone goal: Improve scripts to be more useful

  • Have option to encrypt character passwords
  • Search data for certain criterion
    • Characters
    • Speedwalks/Areas
  • Unfailing spell bots
  • Alexian compatible auction logging
    • bash script to merge log into db source and pick out obvious repeats

Version 3

Milestone goal: Add some features that might be considered ridiculous

  • Auto-CR (spam visit deities only)
  • Auto-Fight


Tintin++ tinscripts for use with the Realms of Despair MUD.






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