REciNK - Rethink Continuous Integration for JavaScript Applications
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REciNK - Rethink Continuous Integration for JavaScript Applications

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REciNK was born from our need to automate the execution of JavaScript tests. We quickly realized that we need to RETHINK (aka REciNK) entire Continuous Integration process for JavaScript applications. Similar to .travis.yml, we empower developers to simply drop the .recink.yml config file into GitHub repository and follow below Getting Started guide to use it as part of their Continuous Integration pipeline (maybe even extend to Continuous Deployment).



  • Git >= v1.x
  • Node.js >= v6.x
  • NPM >= v3.x

Use nvm to install and manage different versions of Node.js; Ideally, use v8+ for faster performance


npm install -g recink

Getting Started

@See User Guide


recink run [name] [path]               # Run a generic component
recink run unit [path]                 # Run unit tests                              
recink run e2e [path]                  # Run end to end tests                        
recink configure recink [path]         # Configure REciNK                            
recink configure travis [path]         # Configure Travis                            
recink travis encrypt [path]           # Encrypt Travis environment variables        
recink travis lint [path]              # Lint Travis configuration                   
recink component generate [path]       # Generate REciNK boilerplate component       
recink component add [name...]         # Add an REciNK component to the registry     
recink component remove [name...]      # Remove an REciNK component from the registry
recink component list                  # List REciNK components from the registry    
recink help <command>                  # Display help for a specific command   


To enable debug mode for both unit and e2e runtimes use DEBUG=* recink run unit|e2e.

TestCafe offers amazing debugging capabilities documented here.

We are using Puppeteer as default browser, which provides native debugging capabilities documented here.

Use -v flag to enable verbose mode on any recink command.

Supported CI Platforms



Explore in-house built components here

Projects Using "REciNK"

To add you project to this list please open a PR ;)


  • Implement smart cache invalidation
  • Add support for external components
  • Add support for fully automated Travis configuration
  • Add support for End-to-End tests
  • Add component development guide
  • Add unit tests for critical functionality
  • Decouple e2e component
  • Decouple unit component
  • Decouple coverage component
  • Add support for different CI platforms
  • Craft a cool logo for the project 👽
  • Add unit tests to cover at least 80% of codebase


This repository is being sponsored by:


REciNK is released under the MIT license.