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We want a decentralized future, we want a decentralized currency, we want a decentralized life. We want to be different. We are Amity

About AmityCoin

We at Calex believe in project AmityCoin; so much so that we launch with no Premine. AmityCoin aims to change the status quo; to be accepted anywhere good and services are rendered. We believe with this ethos the value of AmityCoin will speak volumes about itself. Please, join us in shaping the future! We are a unique, CryptoNote privacy coin that aims for fair mining and distribution for decentralisation. We use a unique algorithm called CryptoNight Soft Shell created by our good friends over at TurtleCoin. Soft Shell is a novel adaptation to the Cryptonote hashing algorithm. By dynamically adjusting the scratchpad and memory utilization, we present a CryptoNote coin more ASIC resistant than those which preceed it. At the present time there are is no compatible pool software or GPU-enabled miners, ensuring a more natural growth and network decentralization. During our testing phase, even a moderately powered computing device stood a 'fair' chance of solving a block enabling a truly fair mining experience.

Our journey so far

  • No Premine
  • Using a unique algorithm
  • LWMA 3 difficulty algorithm
  • Made our mark on ForkMaps
  • Made our mark on the TurtleCoin server
  • Building a strong team

What we’re currently doing

  • AmityCoin discord bot
  • AmityCoin RainBorg (Oracle)
  • Expanding the team & community
  • Working on upgrading the codebase to contribute back to TurtleCoin
  • Official website

What we have planned

  • Upon mainnet, we’re going to launch the Community Buyback System (CBS) where we buy back AMIT from our users.
  • Introducing a tipbot to get the flow of coins circulating between users hoping it helps introduce more people to get involved
  • Creating a web wallet so you can easily login to wallet via mobile browsers
  • Setting up a merchandise shop that accepts AMITs. This helps with the early economy of the coin proving it would be a reliable source of income for merchants

Execution of the CBS

For the Community Buyback System to be successful we will still need to depend on the generosity and dedication of our users. The system will fail if it is not supported. To make raising the required amount of AMIT feasible we will be asking that users willing to participate in the system exchange 1 AMIT for 1 TRTL. Because TurtleCoin is where AmityCoin came from we think this is fitting. Users who are interested in taking part in the CBS can contact any of the AmityCoin team members. We feel strongly that this method of funding future development is both fair to the users as well as the team. You as the user should not be asked to fund a project in "Hope" of a return. This way early supporters will get at least something other than a thank you for their patronage. We believe in our project. Will you join us?