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This repository is the current live version of Popout-Maker. For the new remake currently in development visit:

Version Link

Popout-Maker is a small utility made to have an easy way to open a page, YouTube video, YouTube or Twitch Livestream inside of a popup window.


What are popup windows?

Popup windows are smaller browser windows that are intentionally missing some features like toolbars, status bars. This makes them very useful for saving space on your screen.


This is a standard Google Chrome browser window showing Notice how it shows the list of tabs and icons in and around the adress bar. Usually there'd also be a row of bookmarks below that. Standard Browser Window Screenshot

Here's the popup window version of in the very same browser. The tab row and icons around the adress bar are gone. Some browsers will even go as far as hiding the adress bar as well. Of course the bookmarks are also hidden (this is the case in any browser). Popup Browser Window Screenshot

YouTube Popouts

There is also dedicated pages for YouTube and Twitch popouts. The YouTube-version automatically converts video page and or playlist links to embed links, so only the actual video is visible in the popout.
YouTube Popout Screenshot Only the actual video is in the popout.

Twitch Popouts

The Twitch-version instead takes only the channel name and opens a similar popout that optionally also includes the chat:
Twitch Popout Screenshot The chat can be seen on the right side next to the stream. Names were censored for this screenshot.

Current status:

Version 1.2 will be the Preset Update and is currently in development in the v1.2-dev branch.

Current goals:

  • Using PHP to allow presets via GET variables
    • Index
    • YouTube + YouTube Gaming
    • Twitch
  • Adding buttons to copy or bookmark a preset-link
  • Error Pages
  • A small wiki showcasing all preset variables and a general guide for all 3 versions
  • redo this file (again)
  • Darkmode (that stays on)



(Current live version) Utility to generate custom Popout windows with any browser with specialized popouts for YouTube, YouTube Gaming and Twitch



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