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Efficient Multi-Task Auxiliary Learning: Selecting Auxiliary Data by Feature Similarity

This repository contains the code for reproducing our paper.


Multi-task auxiliary learning utilizes auxiliary tasks to improve a primary task, while (1) selecting beneficial auxiliary tasks for a primary task is nontrivial, and (2) when the auxiliary datasets are large, training on all data becomes time-expensive and impractical. Therefore, we propose a time-efficient sampling method to select the data most beneficial to the primary task. The experiments on GLUE show 12x speed improvement compared to fully-trained MT-DNN. The following figure is an illustration of our framework. image

To Reproduce our experiment results in Fig 3-5

Environment Settings

  1. Make sure the python version >= 3.7
  2. pip3 install -r requirements.txt
  3. The default CUDA is set to 0. If you want to change the used CUDA, modify the CUDA Variable in,,

Running Experiment

The default experiment settings:

  • Train a BCE-TD-MTDNN model and CE-TD-MTDNN model. Notice that this script should be run before running and
  • Train a Random-Sampling with TO-MTDNN using total 500 auxiliary data. To change the data amount, modify $NUM$ in
  • Train two TO-MTDNN with TO-MTDNN using total 500 auxiliary data sampled from BCE-TD-MTDNN and CE-TD-MTDNN. To change the data amount, modify $NUM$ in
  • Execute all the above scripts.


When the experiment is done, the outputs are store in the following folders:
    Models --> results/
    TD-MTDNN T-SNE visualization --> figures/
    The final submission file (For GLUE Benchmark) --> final_submission/
    !! Notice that in the final submission scores, only the RTE, MRPC and STS-B scores are real. Since the submission requires all tasks data, we copy the files for other tasks in FAKE_TEST3/ to make the submission zip.


Please cite our paper if you use SimCSE in your work:

   title={Efficient Multi-Task Auxiliary Learning: Selecting Auxiliary Data by Feature Similarity},
   author={Po-Nien Kung, Sheng-Siang Yin, Yi-Cheng Chen, Tse-Hsuan Yang, and Yun-Nung Chen},
   booktitle={Proceedings of the 2021 Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing (EMNLP)},


Efficient Multi-Task Auxiliary Learning






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