MixedEmotions Platform user guide

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Test MixedEmotions Modules locally

For testing MixedEmotions modules in the Dockerhub repository it is necessary to have Docker installed on the machine.

Then the selected module can be pulled and run using Docker commands. For example:

sudo docker pull mixedemotions/08_entity_extraction_pt
sudo docker run -p 32769:2812 --name entities_pt -d mixedemotions/08_entity_extraction_pt

Check that it is running with

sudo docker ps

Then test it with

"wget http://localhost:32769/?text=Cristiano%20ronaldo%20seguir%C3%A1%20cuatro%20a%C3%B1os%20m%C3%A1s%20en%20el%20real%20madrid"

Manage Modules with Mesos and Marathon

When Marathon and Mesos are deployed in a cluster new applications can be deployed using Marathons' GUI. However, for deploying Docker modules is is necessary to provide marathon the configuration using the REST service (at least on Marathon v0.10).

For that purpose MixedEmotions' provides a repository with example configurations for Marathon for most of MixedEmotions.

Once the configuration is sent, the status of the deployment can be checked in the Marathon GUI. If everything goes correctly, after a little while (a few minutes for the system to download the Docker container) the service should be shown as deployed. Then, the service can be scaled within this same GUI.

If something goes wrong, Marathon will try over and over to start it. It is easy to notice if the progress bars get filled and emptied continuously. In that case is better to destroy the service in the Marathon configuration and then search the issue.

The most common problem is that the image cannot be found. For checking this, connect to the server that was trying to deploy the service ant try to pull the image with docker pull.

Another possible problem is that the service has not enough RAM to function. To discard this possibility increase the size of the allocated RAM for this service.

If the service still does not run properly, check out the logs. Start with the Marathon logs, and then check the Mesos logs for errors.

Running a Pipeline

For running a pipeline MixedEmotions offers a custom Orchestrator that can be used easily within the MixedEmotions Platform.

The platform also offers a project Manager that can be used to easily create a periodic analysis of Tweets retrieved by the MixedEmotions' twitter crawler.

Visualizing the Results

If using Elasticsearch for persisting results, Kibi can be used for dashboard visualization.

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