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# ABANDONED # Research Highlights website system.
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This project has been abandoned and is unsupported.

Research Highlights

This is the repository for a PHP + flat-file DB system for publishing highlights from research conducted within a Centre for Doctoral Training. The system was developed at The University of Nottingham, by Martin Porcheron.

Configuration Instructions

  • Configuration is based in the src/config.php file

  • User databases are all file-based in the src/usr/ directory

  • Passwords are not stored and are username and salt dependant

    • The default salt (in salt.php) should be changed, passwords are the SHA1 of salt followed by the username
    • To calculate your password, use something like DuckDuckGo
  • A directory, src_private, is not included here as it includes the live user database used for the Horizon CDT Research Highlights

Build Instructions

Build using the ant command:

  • The basic build instruction is ant quick
  • You can override the DOMAIN and PATH php configuration variables with the ant flags -Ddomain=... and -Dpath=...
  • There is also a full target for Ant, this compresses JS and CSS files using the YUI Compressor


This code is copyright Martin Porcheron, and licensed under the MIT licence.