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An Erlang implementation of the Cheap Ass board game Starbase Jeff
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An implementation of the Cheap Ass Game: Starbase Jeff

This is a project of love, and I claim no copyright over the original game or its bits.


  • A few basic record and macro definitions
  • Create a new, sorted deck of cards
  • Really simple testing harness
  • Randomized deck
  • Game and session record constructors
  • Started text-based interface for getting player count
  • Markdown version of this README
  • Text display hand
  • Board structure and table set


  • Nearly everything
  • Game loop
  • Constructors for other records
  • Text interface to playing a game
  • Text display game state
  • Text display player state
  • A way to use a file as input to the text interface for testing
  • Design turn structure
  • Execute a turn
  • Legal card placement test
  • Legal sabotage test
  • Payment route indication
  • Payment route selection
  • Overall game play structure and timeline
  • Game end, clean-up and start next game
  • Non text-based interface
  • Simple AI (random card, random placement)
  • Smart AI
  • AIs with different playstyles
  • Advanced Jeff capsule rules
  • Player database and dbi
  • Proper Erlang documentation for modules, methods, data types, etc

Getting Started with the Erlang Shell

    ok = sbjeff_test:unit_test().

    % create some objects in the shell
    Deck = sbjeff_cards:shuffled_deck().
    Player = sbjeff_player:new("Player_Name").
    % attempt to play a game

Development Process

  • When creating a new module:
    1. add the new module name to the modules list in ebin/
    2. create a matching _test module in the test folder with a unit_test method that returns ok if successful
    3. add another module line to the sbjeff_test:unit_test method
    4. make sure ok = sbjeff_test:unit_test(). before pushing to master
  • When adding new methods to a current module:
    1. Add at least one simple test to that module's _test:unit_test() method
  • When fixing bugs:
    1. If possible, cover the bug with a new unit_test
  • Where possible, use tagged data objects as returns to methods that will be used outside of that module
  • Keep documentation up to date
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