Erlang solution to a great AI homework assignment from a grad class
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Trainswitch in Erlang

Erlang solution to a fun Artifical Intelligence homework assignment

The assignment can be found online here.


To run from the Erlang shell:

  1. cd("path/to/repo/directory/trainswitch").
  2. code:add_path("ebin").
  3. make:all([load]).
  4. ts_unit_test:unit_test().
  5. ts_benchmark:benchmark().


Data structures and assignment problems are defined in trainswitch.hrl.

trainswitch.erl has some of the utility functions that build-up to the solution as part of the homework assignment, and the iterative-deepening search that works well for the first few small problems.

ts_util.erl contains some more utility methods for manipulating data structures.

ts_astar.erl has the A* heuristic solution which solves the big yards quite quickly, using a combination of dijkstra's algorithm for calculating distances from tracks and an out of order check that penalizes moves that would put cars on a track out of order from the goal state.

ts_unit_test.erl contains a large list of unit test style assert statementss for just about every method in the system.

ts_benchmark.erl contains a few methods for running the searches and printing some timing benchmark results.

dls_proc.erl was an attempt to solve the problem in a distributed fashion, but it hits the maximum process count of the system pretty early, not a good idea. Plan to refactor some day.