Advanced menu for Huawei E5372, E5770, E5885 (and probably others) portable LTE router
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Huawei OLED hijacking library

This library adds advanced menu to the OLED display of Huawei E5372, E5770 and E5885 porable LTE router (and probably E5577, E5377, E5786).
This is achieved by hijacking certain library calls in the "oled" executable file.

Currently this library adds 9 new menu items:

  • Network Mode
    (Auto, GSM Only, UMTS Only, LTE Only, LTE -> UMTS, LTE -> GSM, UMTS -> GSM)
  • TTL Mangler (set TTL of outbound packets to 64 or 128)
  • Anticensorship (DPI circumvention utility)
  • IMEI Changer (switch between stock, random Android and random Windows Phone IMEI)
  • Remote Access Control (block telnet, ADB and web interface from being accessed over Wi-Fi and USB)
  • No Battery Mode (allows device to work without battery)
  • USB Mode (change USB composite device mode between stock, AT/Network/SD, AT/Network and Debug modes)
  • LTE Band Selection (set modem LTE band manually - supports LTE B1/3/5/7 for now - KOR SKTelecom)
  • Custom script (allows you to run your custom script handler from the menu)

Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2 Screenshot 3 Screenshot 4 Screenshot 5 Screenshot 6

How does it work

This library hijacks sprintf(), osa_print_log_ex() and register_notify_handler().

sprintf() is hijacked to inject custom menu items, register_notify_handler() registers it's own proxy handler which intercepts button press events.

Custom menu is drawn in "Device Information" page, hijacking "Homepage" string. The library listens for POWER button press events on the exact page, executes page handler and redraws menu again, by leaving it and opening that same page again.

Very simple, yet effective.

Used software

Huaweicalc couresy of forth32
imei_generator courtesy of Egor Grushko
atc courtesy of rust3028

Contributions are welcome.