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Website Template for Rust server

Rust-Server-Website-Template is a responsive, dynamically updated PHP/CSS template for Rust server website. It is build with Bootstrap 4 and Rust-Servers.Info API.


See a demo at


You can help us by giving back to support developement. Become my patron on Patreon.


  • Responsive Design
    • Valid HTML
    • PageSpeed Score 96%
    • YSlow Score 93%
    • Less than 1MB
  • Servers Module (Rust-Servers.Info API)
    • Server Header Image (Dynamic)
    • Number of players Curr/Max with progress bar (Dynamic)
    • Online/Offline Indicator (Dynamic)
    • Connect and Vote buttons
  • Steam Group Module (Steam Community Data)
    • Total Users (Dynamic)
    • Online Users (Dynamic)
    • In-Game Users (Dynamic)
  • Full page caching (Thx to Jonatan)


Please note the main repository is constantly being updated so may contain bugs and other bleeding edge risks. For a stable download please visit the releases page:


Upload files to your server.

Open up config.php

  • change SITE_URL to your website url.
  • change SRV_NAME to your server name.
  • change SRV_SLOGAN to your server short slogan.
  • change SRV_TWITTER to your server Twitter username.
  • change CACHE_LIFETIME cache lifetime in seconds, default value - 300, set to 0 to disable caching.
  • change STEAM_GID to your Steam Group ID64 (
  • change STORE_URL to your server store url.
  • change SRV_ID_1 to your server ID on https://Rust-Servers.Info.
  • change SRV_1_DESC to your server short description.

Personalize your website

  • edit /template/rules.php
  • edit /template/staff.php

Contact module (Email form)

Contact module contain only basic HTML form, without any functionality to send email's. If you want to have fully-functional feedback form you need to edit /modules/contact.php and add some additional code. Take a look at this PHP:mail or use PHPMailer class.

How to add more than 2 servers

Open includes.php and add this code after


If you need more than 3 servers you need to change 3 to 4,5,6 etc.

        $json_url = "".SRV_ID_3."";
        $json_string = file_get_contents($json_url);
        $parsed_json = json_decode($json_string,true);
		$s3_name        = $parsed_json['hostname'];
                $s3_status      = $parsed_json['online_state'];
                        if($s3_status == "1"){$s3_status = "Online";$s3_button = "class='btn btn-outline-success btn-lg'><i class='fa fa-play-circle' aria-hidden='true'></i> Connect</a>";}
			else{$s3_status = "Offline";$s3_button = "class='btn btn-outline-danger btn-lg disabled'><i class='fa fa-exclamation-circle' aria-hidden='true'></i> Offline</a> ";};
                $s3_cur         = $parsed_json['players_cur'];
                $s3_max         = $parsed_json['players_max'];
                $s3_img         = $parsed_json['image'];
		if ($s3_img == "") {$s3_img = "img/serverlogo.png";};//Empty path fix
		if (getimagesize($s3_img) == false) {$s3_img = "img/serverlogo.png";};
                $s3_ip          = $parsed_json['ip'];
                $s3_port        = $parsed_json['port'];

Next, open config.php and add this code after

// Extra servers

If you need more than 3 servers you need to change 3 to 4,5,6 etc.

// Server #3
	define( "SRV_ID_3","5" );
	# Your server #3 ID (Rust-Servers.Info)
	define( "SRV_3_DESC" , "This is short server description. Vanilla, Cool admins, etc." );
	# Your server #3 description

Next, open /modules/servers.php and add this code after

<!-- Server #2 END -->

If you need more than 3 servers you need to change 3 to 4,5,6 etc.

<!-- Server #3 START-->
<div class="col-md-6 srv">
<div class="one-server">
<div class="<?php echo $s3_status; ?>">
<img src="<?php echo $s3_img; ?>" class="server-header img-fluid" alt="<?php echo $s3_name; ?>">
<h2><?php echo $s3_name; ?></h2>
<p><?php echo SRV_3_DESC; ?></p>
<span class="players">Players: <?php echo $s3_cur; ?>/<?php echo $s3_max; ?></span>
<div class="progress" style="height:3px;">
  <div class="progress-bar" role="progressbar" aria-valuenow="<?php echo $s3_cur; ?>" aria-valuemin="0" aria-valuemax="<?php echo $s3_max; ?>"></div>
<a href="steam://connect/<?php echo $s3_ip; ?>:<?php echo $s3_port; ?>" <?php echo $s3_button; ?>
<a target="_blank" href="<?php echo SRV_ID_3; ?>.html" class="btn btn-outline-light btn-lg"><i class="fa fa-heart-o" aria-hidden="true"></i> Vote</a>
<!-- Server #3 END -->


The above copyright notice and this permission notice shall be included in all copies or substantial portions of the Software.

  • MIT License

This is the reason why you're seeing these notices above. So legally, these notices shouldn't be removed from the works/files in which they're found.