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The scalability debate is ongoing for years. Indeed, the Bitcoin network needs to scale. However, scaling should not compromise on security and decentralization as these are some of the intrinsic properties of Bitcoin.

Sofia Crypto meetup represented by holders, developers, traders, businesses stands for the core ideas of Bitcoin and opposes the unnecessary risk represented by the SegWit2X proposition.

We believe that appropriate measures tackling the scaling issue have already been deployed when BIP 91 was activated. More time is necessary to feel and understand the possibilities of SegWit and the upcoming second layer solutions. We see more blocks being mined above 1MB and even witnessed the first 1.5MB block. Unnecessary rush for a hard fork holds no benefits for the whole ecosystem and only suggests that there is an incentive for a few organizations to orchestrate a political terrorism on the Bitcoin Network.

We consider the established traditional methodology of the contemporary Bitcoin development represented by the Bitcoin Core engineers as the most reliable, decentralized and secure as per the last 8 years. The Core developers who operate through a mailing list and GitHub create software which is open source and voluntary to use. This software keeps the Bitcoin network secure and robust for the last 8 years.

The performance of the network should not compromise on its security for the benefit of the few signers of the NY agreement. Those companies have no interest in supporting the smartest minds in Bitcoin. Their motives are unclear, and one can only speculate that they do that from the thirst for control and greed. A secure censorship-resistant Bitcoin with excellent scientific and peer-reviewed development represents the spirit of this technology.

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