iOS App for Recording Audio and play it back with Different sounds effect. I Followed Udacity "intro to iOS Development with Swift"
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PitchPerfect 😄


you must have xCode IDE installed already on your mac OS X or you can download it from HERE open the Project in your xCode Iam using Swift 3

to Make Same App

follow intro to iOS Development with Swift course made by Udacity as Part of iOS Developer Nanodegree

Additional information and Resourses

I used Apple’s new Programming Language called Swift See Swift’s Documentation 1 Swift’s Documentation 2

about this APP

this app is Called PitchPerfect and it is used for Recording your Voice and play it back with different effective Sounds. I will be appriciated if you try it 😄 and add your own changes or fix any Issue faced you

you can Choose from these effects blew :