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Icon fonts

Awesome Compass Extension from Compass-Recipes.

Big thanks to Keyamoon for IcoMoon App


To properly install a icon font, you just need to do

compass install recipes/icon-fonts

All fonts should be available into {compass fonts_dir}/icons/*

Just delete fonts you don't need. After that, you're almost done Add this to you stylesheet

@import "recipes/icon-font";
@include icon-font-face-broccolidry; // or the font you want

selector {
    @include icon-font('\0021', 32px, 'broccolidry');


  • Add a list of icon name foreach fonts, to allow us using verbose icon name instead of unicode value.
  • Add an interface to copy paste name/unicode with just a clic

Available Icon Fonts

More fonts

Submit a font

Before make sending your pull request, check if you have add the icon font (files & reference) here:

  • templates/icon-fonts/icons
  • tests/recipes/icon-font/index.html
  • tests/recipes/icon-font/s.scss
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