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postcss-cssnext uses a lot of postcss plugins, so you might need to take a look at them if you find an issue or want to create or enhance a feature.

Otherwise, fork, work on a branch, install dev-dependencies, respect coding style & run tests before submitting a bug fix or a feature.

$ git clone
$ npm install
$ npm test
$ git checkout -b fix.bug423

npm test will compile what is need to be and run all tests. If you want to work on one test only, you can run something like

$ babel-tape-runner src/__tests__/option.browsers.js

Be sure to have in your PATH ./node_modules/.bin so you can use local module directly in console.


Add a feature

  1. Add test files (input + expected output) in src/__tests__/fixtures/features

  • Choose a pretty simple and clear name (that match the specs), if you are not sure, ask using an issue.
  • Add the feature in :
  • Add the dependency in the package.json (use npm install --save postcss-...)
  • Add the feature in the source (in src/features.js), in the appropriate place (order matter) For now, use a empty function instead of the right module
  • Run test, & check tests are broken (otherwise feature is useless) Now, call the right plugin in the function you just created
  • Run test and be happy
  • Add feature on the playground example