My setup... dotfiles, aliases, functions, preferences, apps. Everything.
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MoOx setup

Dotfiles, aliases, functions, preferences, apps. Everything.

First run

$ curl -fsSL | zsh -s MoOx/setup

The first run can take a couple of hours since this will download lot of apps. But you will be able to use your minimal dev environnement in a couple of minutes (dotfiles, text editor etc). You might need some human interactions to configure some part.

Computer name

sudo scutil --set ComputerName $COMPUTER_NAME
sudo scutil --set HostName $COMPUTER_NAME
sudo scutil --set LocalHostName $COMPUTER_NAME
sudo defaults write /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/ NetBIOSName -string $COMPUTER_NAME

Update & run

$ fliptable

Update is pretty fast: it get latest update from remote and update some packages.


Based on setupsh (for now in ./setupsh, wip).