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* HTMLScreen.h
* Created on: Oct 13, 2011
* Author: iraklis
#include <Wormhole/FileUtil.h>
#include <NativeUI/Widgets.h>
// Namespaces we want to access.
using namespace MAUtil; // Class Moblet
using namespace NativeUI; // WebView widget.
using namespace Wormhole; // Class WebAppMoblet
#include "OGLScreen.h"
class HTMLScreen : public Screen,
public ButtonListener,
public SensorListener,
public WebViewListener
HTMLScreen(OGLScreen *oglScreen);
* This method creates the user interface of the screen
void createUI();
* This method handles messages sent from the WebView.
* @param webView The WebView that sent the message.
* @param urlData Data object that holds message content.
* Note that the data object will be valid only during
* the life-time of the call of this method, then it
* will be deallocated.
virtual void webViewHookInvoked(WebView* webView, int hookType, MAHandle urlData);
* This method handles button clicks that this screen manages.
* @param button The button that was clicked
virtual void buttonClicked(Widget* button);
* This method handles accelerometer events
* @param a A struct containing the accelerometer info
virtual void sensorEvent(MASensor a);
* Tell the screen whether it should render the animation or not
* @param render The state of rendering.
void shouldRender(bool render);
* This method returns the webview that this screen manages
* @param render The state of rendering.
WebView* getWebView();
Button* mAddButton; //Increases the flow of particles
Button* mRemoveButton; //Decreases the flow of particles
WebView* mWebView; //Renders the animation in Javascript
OGLScreen *mOGLScreen; //The OpenGL rendering screen
float PRECISION; //Precision of floating point numbers
#endif /* HTMLSCREEN_H_ */