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The Miner profession mod for the game Stonehearth
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Greetings my fellow hearthkings, today I bring before you the humble, yet very useful Miner.


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The more your Miners mine, the better they get at it. I have a desert settlement megaproject, which involves digging a whole bunch of land around a small lake, to make it a water-filled mountain. But it was taking FOREEEVERRR! So I made this class to speed things up.

Stonehearth appears to have a Miner class within its files, as well, but all I used from it was the miner icon itself. It's been sitting there for more than a few years now, untouched. I have no idea when Team Radiant will get around to it, so until they do, this will have to suffice.


  • Pickaxe created by Blacksmith at level 1 to promote
  • Mines faster than regular hearthlings, with further speed increases at levels 3 and 6
  • 3 different pickaxes to craft that impact mining efficiency
  • Headlamp to light the dreary underground
  • Backpack expands and shows the Miner's inventory
  • Levelling progression includes speed upgrades as well - perfect for hauling when there are no mining tasks
  • Cannot build, so you still need workers for that
  • Перевод по русски / Russian language support

Known issues

  • Hearthling portrait sometimes flashes when the miner is mining.
  • This mod overrides mining_task_group.lua. This could be an issue if used with another mod that overrides the same file.

All feedback is appreciated. May your stone be ever fertile.

Credits Thank you to @max99x for providing invaluable documentation on the AI system, as well as being an excellent unwilling rubber ducky. Thank you to @BrunoSupremo for his Archipelago mod, the largest up-to-date mod I am aware of, that I used as a reference. Thank you @Yangzhoui for the new mining outfit. Special mention to @RepeatPan for all his past help and encouragement. And thank you of course Team Radiant for this fantastic game. I've used the trader outfit models, as well as some lua files, from the base game.

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