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#define MVMPhiNodeCacheSize 48
#define MVMPhiNodeCacheSparseBegin 32
/* Top level of a spesh graph, representing a particular static frame (and
* potentially having others inlined into it). */
struct MVMSpeshGraph {
/* The static frame this is the spesh graph for. */
MVMStaticFrame *sf;
/* The callsite this spesh graph has been tailored to. */
MVMCallsite *cs;
/* The bytecode we're building the graph out of. */
MVMuint8 *bytecode;
/* Exception handler map for that bytecode. */
MVMFrameHandler *handlers;
/* The size of the bytecode we're building the graph out of. */
MVMuint32 bytecode_size;
/* Number of exception handlers. */
MVMuint32 num_handlers;
/* The entry basic block. */
MVMSpeshBB *entry;
/* Gathered facts about each version of a local (top-level array is per
* local, then array hanging off it is per version). */
MVMSpeshFacts **facts;
/* Number of fact entries per local. */
MVMuint16 *fact_counts;
/* Argument guards added. */
MVMSpeshGuard *arg_guards;
/* Number of argument guards we have. */
MVMint32 num_arg_guards;
/* Log-based guards added. */
MVMSpeshLogGuard *log_guards;
/* Number of log-based guards we have. */
MVMint32 num_log_guards;
/* Region allocator for spesh nodes */
MVMRegionAlloc region_alloc;
/* Values placed in spesh slots. */
MVMCollectable **spesh_slots;
/* Number of spesh slots we have used and allocated. */
MVMint32 num_spesh_slots;
MVMint32 alloc_spesh_slots;
/* De-opt indexes, as pairs of integers. The first integer, set when we
* build the graph, is the return address in the original bytecode. The
* code-gen phase for the specialized bytecode will fill in the second
* integers afterwards, which are the return address in the specialized
* bytecode. */
MVMint32 *deopt_addrs;
MVMint32 num_deopt_addrs;
MVMint32 alloc_deopt_addrs;
/* Table of information about inlines, laid out in order of nesting
* depth. Thus, going through the table in order and finding when we
* are within the bounds will show up each call frame that needs to
* be created in deopt. */
MVMSpeshInline *inlines;
MVMint32 num_inlines;
/* Logging slots, along with the number of them. */
MVMint32 num_log_slots;
MVMCollectable **log_slots;
/* Number of basic blocks we have. */
MVMint32 num_bbs;
/* The list of local types (only set up if we do inlines). */
MVMuint16 *local_types;
/* The list of lexical types (only set up if we do inlines). */
MVMuint16 *lexical_types;
/* The total number of locals, accounting for any inlining done and
* added temporaries. */
MVMuint16 num_locals;
/* The total number of lexicals, accounting for any inlining done. */
MVMuint16 num_lexicals;
/* Temporary local registers added to aid transformations, along with a
* count of the number we have and have allocated space for so far. */
MVMuint16 num_temps;
MVMuint16 alloc_temps;
MVMSpeshTemporary *temps;
/* We need to create new MVMOpInfo structs for each number of
* arguments a PHI node can take. We cache them here, so that we
* allocate fewer of them across our spesh alloc blocks.
MVMOpInfo *phi_infos;
/* If this graph was formed from a spesh candidate rather than an
* original static frame, the candidate will be stored here. */
MVMSpeshCandidate *cand;
/* A temporary register, added to support transformations. */
struct MVMSpeshTemporary {
/* The number of the local along with the current SSA index. */
MVMuint16 orig;
MVMuint16 i;
/* What kind of register is it? */
MVMuint16 kind;
/* Is it currently in use? */
MVMuint16 in_use;
/* A basic block in the graph (sequences of instructions where control will
* always enter at the start and leave at the end). */
struct MVMSpeshBB {
/* Head/tail of doubly linked list of instructions. */
MVMSpeshIns *first_ins;
MVMSpeshIns *last_ins;
/* Basic blocks we may go to after this one. */
MVMSpeshBB **succ;
/* Basic blocks that we may arrive into this one from. */
MVMSpeshBB **pred;
/* Children in the dominator tree. */
MVMSpeshBB **children;
/* Dominance frontier set. */
MVMSpeshBB **df;
/* Counts for the above, grouped together to avoid alignment holes. */
MVMuint16 num_succ;
MVMuint16 num_pred;
MVMuint16 num_children;
MVMuint16 num_df;
/* The next basic block in original linear code order. */
MVMSpeshBB *linear_next;
/* Index (just an ascending integer along the linear_next chain), used as
* the block identifier in dominance computation and for debug output. */
MVMint32 idx;
/* The block's reverse post-order index, assinged when computing
* dominance. */
MVMint32 rpo_idx;
/* We cache the instruction pointer of the very first instruction so that
* we can output a line number for every BB */
MVMuint32 initial_pc;
/* Is this block an inlining of another one? */
MVMint32 inlined;
/* The SSA phi instruction. */
#define MVM_SSA_PHI 32767
/* An instruction in the spesh graph. */
struct MVMSpeshIns {
/* Instruction information. */
const MVMOpInfo *info;
/* Operand information. */
MVMSpeshOperand *operands;
/* Previous and next instructions, within a basic block boundary. */
MVMSpeshIns *prev;
MVMSpeshIns *next;
/* Any annotations on the instruction. */
MVMSpeshAnn *annotations;
/* Union type of operands in a spesh instruction; the op info and phase of the
* optimizer we're in determines which of these we look at. */
union MVMSpeshOperand {
MVMint64 lit_i64;
MVMint32 lit_i32;
MVMint16 lit_i16;
MVMint8 lit_i8;
MVMnum64 lit_n64;
MVMnum32 lit_n32;
MVMuint32 lit_str_idx;
MVMuint16 callsite_idx;
MVMuint16 coderef_idx;
MVMuint32 ins_offset;
MVMSpeshBB *ins_bb;
struct {
MVMuint16 idx;
MVMuint16 outers;
} lex;
struct {
MVMint32 i; /* SSA-computed version. */
MVMuint16 orig; /* Original register number. */
} reg;
/* Annotations base. */
struct MVMSpeshAnn {
/* The next annotation in the chain, if any. */
MVMSpeshAnn *next;
/* The type of annotation we have. */
MVMint32 type;
/* Data (meaning depends on type). */
union {
MVMint32 frame_handler_index;
MVMint32 deopt_idx;
MVMint32 inline_idx;
} data;
/* Annotation types. */
/* Functions to create/destroy the spesh graph. */
MVMSpeshGraph * MVM_spesh_graph_create(MVMThreadContext *tc, MVMStaticFrame *sf,
MVMuint32 cfg_only, MVMuint32 insert_object_nulls);
MVMSpeshGraph * MVM_spesh_graph_create_from_cand(MVMThreadContext *tc, MVMStaticFrame *sf,
MVMSpeshCandidate *cand, MVMuint32 cfg_only);
MVMSpeshBB * MVM_spesh_graph_linear_prev(MVMThreadContext *tc, MVMSpeshGraph *g, MVMSpeshBB *search);
void MVM_spesh_graph_mark(MVMThreadContext *tc, MVMSpeshGraph *g, MVMGCWorklist *worklist);
void MVM_spesh_graph_destroy(MVMThreadContext *tc, MVMSpeshGraph *g);
MVM_PUBLIC void * MVM_spesh_alloc(MVMThreadContext *tc, MVMSpeshGraph *g, size_t bytes);
MVMOpInfo *get_phi(MVMThreadContext *tc, MVMSpeshGraph *g, MVMuint32 nrargs);