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Rewrite 'LET' syntactic form to DO blocks

The compiler for template 'expressions' supports 'let' expressions to
declare a variable and construct more complex expression graphs than
simple trees. To ensure that any declarations in the let block are
available in its associated expression, the declarations should
compiled before the expression is.

Prior to this commit, this was hardcoded by 'rooting' the declarations
in the tree. However, this ensures that the value declarations are
ordered *globally* prior to the LET expression, and as a result, does
not allow let expressions to be composed. For instance the following
expression would compile the declaration of $x prior to the
conditional jump in IF, which is not correct:

    (if (test ...)
        (let (($x ...)) (add $x ...))

This patch changes the template compiler to translate the LET forms
into DO blocks, which also preserve order when compiled, but unlike
'rooting' they can be nested safely.
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bdw committed Apr 10, 2017
1 parent ddc94d9 commit 7fb1b1011ff51487e0935fdbbf853900f52f55bc
Showing with 23 additions and 10 deletions.
  1. +2 −2 src/jit/core.expr
  2. +21 −8 tools/
@@ -100,8 +100,8 @@
(macro: ^p6obody (,a) (let: (($replace (^getf ,a MVMP6opaque body.replaced)))
(if (nz $replace)
- $replace
- (addr ,a (&offsetof MVMP6opaque body)))))
+ $replace
+ (addr ,a (&offsetof MVMP6opaque body)))))
(template: sp_p6oget_i (load (add (^p6obody $1) $2) int_sz))
(template: sp_p6oget_n (load (add (^p6obody $1) $2) (&sizeof MVMnum64)))
@@ -61,11 +61,11 @@ sub validate_template {
my $node = $template->[0];
if ($node eq 'let:') {
my $defs = $template->[1];
- my $expr = $template->[2];
+ my @expr = @$template[2..$#$template];
for my $def (@$defs) {
- validate_template($expr);
+ validate_template($_) for @expr;
@@ -113,20 +113,33 @@ sub write_template {
die "First parameter must be a bareword or macro" unless $top =~ m/^&?[a-z]\w*:?$/i;
my (@items, @desc); # accumulate state
if ($top eq 'let:') {
- # deal with let declarations
+ # rewrite (let: (($name ($code))) ($code..)+)
+ # into (do(v)?: $ndec + $ncode $decl+ $code+)
+ my $env = { %$env }; # copy env and shadow it
my $decl = $tree->[1];
- my $expr = $tree->[2];
+ my @expr = @$tree[2..$#$tree];
+ # depening on last node result, start with DO or DOV (void)
+ my $type = $EXPR_OPS{$expr[-1][0]}{'type'};
+ my $list = [ $type eq 'VOID' ? 'DOV' : 'DO', @$decl + @expr ];
+ # add declarations to template and to DO list
for my $stmt (@$decl) {
die "Let statement should hold 2 expressions, holds ".@$stmt unless @$stmt == 2;
die "Variable name {$stmt->[0]} is invalid" unless $stmt->[0] =~ m/\$[a-z]\w*/i;
die "Let statement expects an expression" unless ref($stmt->[1]) eq 'ARRAY';
die "Redeclaration of '$stmt->[0]'" if defined($env->{$stmt->[0]});
+ printf STDERR "declaring %s as %s\n", $stmt->[0], sexpr::encode($stmt->[1]);
my ($child, $mode) = write_template($stmt->[1], $templ, $desc, $env);
die "Let can only be used with simple expresions" unless $mode eq 'l';
+ printf STDERR "%s is relative node %d (mode %s)\n", $stmt->[0], $child, $mode;
$env->{$stmt->[0]} = $child;
- $desc->[$child] = 'r';
+ # ensure the DO is compiled as I expect.
+ push @$list, ['DISCARD', $stmt->[0]];
- return write_template($expr, $templ, $desc, $env);
+ push @$list, @expr;
+ use Data::Dumper;
+ printf "Rewritten %s to %s, env = %s\n", sexpr::encode($tree), sexpr::encode($list), Dumper($env);
+ return write_template($list, $templ, $desc, $env);
} elsif (substr($top, 0, 1) eq '&') {
# Add macro or sizeof/offsetof expression. these are not
# processed in at runtime! Must evaluate to constant
@@ -146,8 +159,8 @@ sub write_template {
push @items, substr($item, 1)+0; # pass the operand nummer
push @desc, 'f'; # at run time, fill this from operands
} elsif ($item =~ m/^\$\w+$/) {
- # named variable (declared in nlet)
- die "Undefined variable '$item' used" unless defined $env->{$item};
+ # named variable (declared in let)
+ die "Undefined variable '$item' used" unless exists $env->{$item};
push @items, $env->{$item};
push @desc, 'l'; # also needs to be linked in properly
} elsif ($item =~ m/^\d+$/) {

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