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Remove seemingly unneeded and harmfull ldrpath from build

The @Prefix@/share/perl6/site/lib directory does not even exist on a normal
installation of rakudo, nqp and moarvm. "@/libdir" does not seem to be needed
either as even with it removed, everything seems to work just fine.
Removing because rpath is prohibited on Fedora and strongly discouraged on
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niner committed Dec 19, 2016
1 parent 0595ff8 commit f777352ebae29349d1bfa9e6c03c12f32f2ec689
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@@ -125,7 +125,6 @@ our %TC_POSIX = (
ccshared => '-fPIC',
ldshared => '-shared @ccshared@',
moarshared => '',
ldrpath => '-Wl,-rpath,"/@libdir@" -Wl,-rpath,"@prefix@/share/perl6/site/lib"',
arflags => 'rcs',
arout => '',

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