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Gradle plugin to help embed dependencies in generated AAR artifact
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Mobbeel fat AAR Gradle plugin

In Mobbeel we work with a complex hierarchy of modules that in turn must embed other dependencies in the resulting AAR. To do this we use this Gradle plugin that allows to merge a project and its dependencies in the same AAR (fat-aar).

Issue reporting are welcome to continue to improve this plugin.

Plugin work with Android gradle plugin 3.0.0 o higher


  • Support external dependencies from workspace (example: api "com.mobbeel:my-lib:1.0.0")

  • Support internal dependencies (example: api project(':My-lib-module'))

  • Support internal/external native dependencies

  • Support internal/external AAR dependencies

  • Support add transitive dependencies from pom.xml on jar dependencies

  • [NEW] Merge resources from AAR dependencies

How to use?

  1. Configure your buildscript to include the plugin:
buildscript {
  repositories {
    maven { url "" }
  dependencies {
    classpath "com.mobbeel.plugin:fat-aar:2.0.1"
  1. Apply the plugin on the top of your library module build.gradle:
apply plugin: "com.mobbeel.plugin"
  1. Mark with 'api' configuration dependecies that need embed on the final AAR:
dependencies {
    api "com.mobbeel:my-lib:1.0.0"  // <- Embed external dependency from any repository
    api project(':My-lib-module')   // <- Embed internal dependency on workspace


Add to fat AAR all transitive dependencies

By default, the transitive dependencies that define a dependency are not added to the fat AAR. You can add them by adding these settings:

aarPlugin {
    includeAllInnerDependencies true  // It's false for default
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