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Ahead of time compiler for JVM bytecode targetting iOS, Mac OSX and Linux
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Build Status

Website - Developer Guide - Changelog - RoboPods - dkimitsa's dev blog

RoboVM is an ahead-of-time compiler for Java bytecode, targeting Linux, Mac OS X and iOS.

This is a fork of the last open-source release of RoboVM.

Key Features

iOS 12 and XCode 10 are fully supported.

Interface Builder Integration is also available, details in this wiki article.

Debugging support is finished, and stable thanks to @dkimitsa!

Using RoboVM

There are pre-built plugins for Eclipse and IntelliJ IDEA, for installation take a look at the homepage.

For using the RoboVM Gradle plugin, follow the README in the repository


Join the chat at


See the LICENSE files in the various sub directories. Generally, RoboVM is GPL2, with the runtime code being Apache 2 for distribution on iOS.

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