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Ios12 & 12.1 bindings #335

merged 180 commits into from Nov 27, 2018
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* added workaround to fix #336 (crash when using WKWebView navigation…

… delegate)
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dkimitsa committed Nov 17, 2018
commit 05b08d640efd7eef198c8f3080ed673696e94e21
@@ -0,0 +1,22 @@
import org.robovm.objc.annotation.NativeClass;
import org.robovm.rt.bro.annotation.Library;
* dkimitsa: this is very special workaround for bug #336
* it happens when didReceiveAuthenticationChallenge navigation delegate's
* callback being called and challenge is instance of WKNSURLAuthenticationChallenge class
* the issue here is that WKNSURLAuthenticationChallenge itself doesn't inherit
* NSURLAuthenticationChallenge and RoboVM can't build java object for it as it is not known
* and hangs with exception. WKNSURLAuthenticationChallenge is a NSProxy which is ok
* on obj-c side.
* Workaround is to register empty WKNSURLAuthenticationChallenge with methods of
* NSURLAuthenticationChallenge. It will not make harm on obj-c side as it is proxy and will deal
* with all selectors being sent
@Library("WebKit") @NativeClass
public class WKNSURLAuthenticationChallenge extends NSURLAuthenticationChallenge {
@@ -37,7 +37,8 @@
/*<visibility>*/public/*</visibility>*/ interface /*<name>*/WKNavigationDelegate/*</name>*/
@ForceLinkClass(WKNSURLAuthenticationChallenge.class) // FIXME: manually added to workaround issue #336
/*<visibility>*/public/*</visibility>*/ interface /*<name>*/WKNavigationDelegate/*</name>*/
/*<implements>*/extends NSObjectProtocol/*</implements>*/ {
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