Is XCode interface builder supported?

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XCode InterfaceBuilder integration

Simple Xcode project generator to allow layout manipulations with classes created in Java. Generate project and .m/.h files similar to one available in the commercial 1.14 release.

We've put the command into "build" menu next to Create IPA. iOS module in IDEA has to be selected to make this item enabled.

Differences to the commercial 1.14 version

  • It doesn't monitor file changes -- to have you changes applied please generate project manually
  • As result of 1 it is more stable as 1.14 often just stuck and was not able to generate anything without restart of RoboVM studio
  • It picks all resources referred in RoboVM.xml (1.14 only picks resources folder)
  • Added support for IBInspectable
  • It supports primitive types and converts them in proper ObjC ones (1.14 doesn't bother with this)

For the more info consult the original RoboVM docs:

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