New creative space for mobile developers who are willing to experiment with the future of Mobile technologies (VR, AR, IoT, etc).

  • DialogFlow scripts based on Cloud Functions for Firebase for HappyDo Actions.

    JavaScript 1 Apache-2.0 Updated Apr 28, 2018
  • Learn how to work with Android Things, Cloud Vision API, and Firebase and create smart doorbell

    Java 6 3 Updated Oct 24, 2017
  • C++ Apache-2.0 Updated Mar 6, 2017
  • Create your own smart office chair

    2 2 Apache-2.0 Updated Jan 13, 2017
  • Create your own smart office chair

    C++ 1 Updated Nov 24, 2016
  • Your own mate in Augmented Reality

    Updated Oct 29, 2016
  • Small town in augmented reality

    C# Apache-2.0 Updated Oct 5, 2016
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