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MobileCaddy Angular Build App

This application is the dev/test environment for the mobilecaddy-angular component library module.

The mobilecaddy-angular folder contains all assets for the library, the rest of the code under the ./src directory is the Dev app, which is a means to see it the mobilecaddy-angular module in action during development.

Packaging is done (presently) wih ng-packagr, and this repo is closely based upon the example repo here. There are some changes, but this was the main resource.


  • Node v8.5.0+
  • MobileCaddy CLI 2.2+

Getting Started

There are 2 ways to get started - the best is to use the MobileCaddy CLI, and the other is more manual.

  • Clone, or download and unzip, this repo, and cd into the dir

  • Install dependencies

npm install
  • Run MobileCaddy setup script
npm run mobilecaddy setup

Running the app in CodeFlow

mobilecaddy serve

Adding a new Component to mobileaddy-angular

All contents to be published along with the mobilecaddy-angular module exist within the ./mobilecaddy-angular/src directory.

You should be able to create new components, Ionic3 pages, providers, etc, within the src dir as with any Ionic 3 application, though to then expose these they should be listed within the ~./mobilecaddy-angular/lib.modules.ts and also the ~./mobilecaddy-angular/public_api.ts.

Using components within the Dev app

During dev the assets within the ./mobilecaddy-angular dir can be used by the Dev app. The only thing to note is that the references to the components etc should be done with relative paths; for example

import { MobileCaddySyncService } from '../../../mobilecaddy-angular/src/providers/mobilecaddy-sync-service/mobilecaddy

To create a new bundle for publishing

  • In the root directory
npm run packagr

This will create a dist/mobilecaddy-angular folder.

To bundle up in a zip for local install

cd dist/mobilecaddy-angular
npm pack

To use this in a local project you can set the package.json to look something like this;

"mobilecaddy-angular": "file:../mc-angular-tmp/dist/mobilecaddy-angular/mobilecaddy-angular-0.0.1.tgz",