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Step 1: Install your development tools

The Chrome Apps for Mobile toolchain can target iOS 6+ and Android 4.x+.

Development dependencies for all platforms

  • Node.js (we test with versions 0.10.0 and 0.12.0):
    • Windows: Install Node.js using the installation executables that you can download from

    • OS X or Linux: Installation executables are also available from If you wish to avoid the need for root access, it may be more convenient to install via nvm. For example:

          curl -L | sh
          source ~/.bash_profile || source ~/.profile || source ~/.bashrc
          nvm install 0.12
          nvm alias default 0.12

Targeting Android

When developing an application for Android, you will also need to install:

  • Java JDK 6 (or higher)
  • Android SDK
    • We recommend using the "Get the SDK for an existing IDE" or "Android Studio" methods.
    • Linux: The Android SDK requires 32 bit support libraries. On Ubuntu, get these via: apt-get install ia32-libs.
  • Note: On Windows, you need vendor-specific device drivers to connect to certain devices.

Targeting iOS

Please note that iOS development can only be done on OS X. In addition, you will need to install:

  • Xcode 5 (or higher) which includes the Xcode command line tools
  • ios-deploy (needed to deploy to an iOS device)
    • npm install -g ios-deploy
    • If you get a "make: command not found" error, then run this first:
      • export PATH="$PATH:$(xcode-select --print-path)/usr/bin"
  • ios-sim (needed to deploy to iOS Simulator)
    • npm install -g ios-sim
  • Optional: Register as an iOS developer
    • This is necessary for testing on real devices and for submitting to the app store.
    • You can skip registration if you only plan to use the iPhone/iPad simulators.

Install the cca command-line tool

Install cca via npm:

npm install -g cca

To update the toolchain later with new releases, use the same command: npm install -g cca.

Confirm that everything is installed correctly by running this command from the command line:

cca checkenv

The output should contain the version number of cca and information about your Android or iOS SDK installation.

Done? Continue to Step 2: Create a project »