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Step 5: Publish

In your project's platforms directory, you have two complete native projects: one for Android, and one for iOS. You can build release versions of these projects and publish them to Google Play or to the iOS App Store.

Publish to the Play Store

To publish your Android application to the Play Store:

  1. Ensure that your app details are set.

    • android:versionName is set using the version key in www/manifest.json.
      • This also sets the version of your desktop packaged app.
    • android:versionCode can be set using the versionCode key in www/
      • If omitted, versionCode will default to major * 10000 + minor * 100 + rev (assuming version looks like "major.minor.rev")
      • Finally, a digit is appended to the versionCode to distinguish the apk type:
        • 0 - multi architecture
        • 2 - arm
        • 4 - x86
        • 9 - APK using system webview and minSdkVersion >= 20
  2. Generate a keystore and key pair (as explained in the Android developer docs).

    cca exec keytool -genkey -v -keystore keys.p12 -alias ReleaseKey -keyalg RSA -keysize 2048 -validity 10000 -storetype PKCS12
  • Create a password when prompted
  • Note: the "cca exec" prefix is required only if keytool is not already available on your PATH
  • To retrieve your certificate's fingerprint (needed when using chrome.identity):
    • cca exec keytool -list -v -keystore keys.p12 -storetype PKCS12
  1. Put the following settings into a file called at the root of your project (as a sibling to www/):

    • Note: storePassword and keyPassword are optional. If omitted, you will be prompted for them when building.
    • Note: You can likewise create an
  2. We recommend that you use 3 APKs when publishing:

    # Creates ARM and x86 APKs
    cca build android --release --webview=crosswalk
    # Creates Cross-platform apk with higher versionCode
    cca build android --release --webview=system --android-minSdkVersion=21
  3. Find your signed .apk(s) at platforms/android/out/*-release.apk.

  4. Upload your signed application to the Google Play developer console.

Publish to the iOS App Store

  1. Update the app version by setting the CFBundleVersion key in www/ If not explicitly set, CFBundleVersion will default to the same value as version. If version contains a dash, only the part before the dash will be used for CFBundleVersion.

  2. Run cca prepare.

  3. Open the Xcode project file found under your platforms/ios directory:

    open platforms/ios/*.xcodeproj

  4. Follow Apple's App Distribution Guide.