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An Enjoyable IDE Automation API
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Icon What is Clide?

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Clide is a managed, intuitive, modern and composable API for .NET-based IDEs extensibility and automation. Its goal is to provide a useful and comprehensive abstraction of common IDE automation APIs, so that extensions can remain agnostic of the specifics of a given development environment.

It leverages dependency injection, supports unit testing of automation and extensibility code, and provides useful primitives for both consuming services and tools as well as providing your own to the environment.

The initial goal is to provide a unified API for Visual Studio and Xamarin Studio.

How do I get it?

Install from

How can Clide help me?

If you are authoring any kind of Visual Studio tooling or automation, Clide can make things easier, by providing an intuitive API for the solution, tool windows, option pages, etc.

Is there API documentation?

Documentation is published automatically via NuDoq.

User documentation is available via the Wiki.

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