Technical documentation on how to interact with MobilePay AppSwitch APIs
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MobilePay-AppSwitch API

Technical documentation on how to interact with MobilePay AppSwitch API.


The folder offers technical documentation on how to interact with the AppSwitch REST API. Documentation on how to get onboarded as a user of the API can be found here and documentation on how to send actual requests to the API can be found here. The MobilePay developer portal can be found here.


Please note that AppSwitch SOAP API are not available for new merchants. New merchants must instead use our REST API.

The folder contains relevant documentation and WSDL-files for merchants using the SOAP-based solution. Please write to for example code regarding PKI factory and SOAP library.

AppSwitch best practice example

In order to ensure a smooth user experience, we recommend all merchants follow our best practice implementation example. The guide will show how to implement MobilePay AppSwitch in a manner that is able to handle exceptions. In short, the idea is to show merchants how we would like them to handle exceptions. The illustrations are responsive via links, clearly marked in red.