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This directory contains the GTFS-flex specification and documentation.
This directory contains the "Version 1" GTFS-flex specification and documentation. Data following the specification laid out in this repository can be found at, and is in use by the [GoVermont Flexible Trip Planner]( The trip planner utilizes the open source [OpenTripPlanner](, and the code for the flexible transit routing is currently (as of 2019-01-05) in the process of being merged into the coming OTP 1.4.

Drawing from the development of GTFS-flex data in Vermont, MobilityData has begun an effort to refine and propose changes to the GTFS specification following the objectives of the GTFS-flex project. This new work by MobilityData constitutes a "Version 2" of the spec, which is under development [here]( Discussion of the specification proposal should be centered on the text in that Google Document.

### About GTFS-flex

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