Find all available transit options and real-time predictions from any location using this web app for desktop or mobile devices. (Currently greater Washington, DC area only.)
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Transit Near Me original: a project from the Mobility Lab

Example Transit Near Me interface


Transit Near Me tries to help people learn about nearby transit services that they might not be aware of in a simple and easy way. It visualizes them as an interactive "spider map" of direct services from your location.

To see a running installation (greater Washington, DC services only) visit

Transit Near me is a web application, and runs on desktop computers and mobile devices. It has been tested extensively on iPhone.


The code is written in Python using Django. The front end is Javascript with Leaflet for map layers, and MapBox for map tiles. Schedule data comes from GTFS, along with real-time predictions from various real-time APIs including NextBus and Connexionz.

Background details and instructions for use

Wiki and Installation instructions

Transit Near Me is open source, released under the MIT License. It shares some common functionality with OneBusAway.