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Mobioos Forge Logo

Mobioos Forge makes developers able to easily kickstart their application. Providing them with a whole new way to model their applications using Visual Studio free of any technology constraints before generating a clean, SonarQube compliant starter code in any technology stack.

This is made possible by the Technical Knowledge Bank (TKB) integrated in Mobioos Forge and providing a fully extensible list of code generators. Any developer can develop his own generators and make them available for the whole Mobioos community, Mobioos experts will take care of validating community generators in order to spotlight the best ones and help developers get the best out of Mobioos Forge and the whole Mobioos Suite!

The purpose of Mobioos Forge has never been and will never be to stop the developers from expressing their creativity in their applications, we are aware that what makes a wonderful application is the developer, we help him get rid of the repetitive (boring) things so he can then fully focus on adding his personal touch to the project.

We also would like to congratulate yeoman's team for their great work that has been an inspiration throughout the creation of the whole Mobioos project and particularly Mobioos Forge taking advantage of the power of generators to help developers stay productive.

This Repository contains the Mobioos Forge studio tool documentation that will help you get started and answer any of your questions!

Forge schema Overview
For a quick overview of the Mobioos Forge studio functionalities.
User Guide
For a more in-depth explanation of the tool's usage.
The smartApp diagram
Creating the EditTodo view model QuickStart
If you want to follow the creation of a first sample TODO application.
For a more complete modeling tutorial, you will know how we modeled the Hive application.
Hive application
A Concern diagram Modeling best practices
This document will help you stay in the lines of the modeling best practices when using Mobioos Forge Studio.
Developer's guide (COMING SOON)
To learn how to develop new generators!
The tkb
Validating the whole model Validations
This document lists the existing validation rules of Mobioos Forge Studio modelings.