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Enki - a fast 2D robot simulator
Lead programmer and software architect:
Stephane Magnenat <stephane at magnenat dot net> (
While working as/at
- Laboratory of Intelligent Systems, EPFL, Switzerland ( (4.2003–10.2005)
- Mobots, Laboratory of Robotics Systems, EPFL, Switzerland ( (10.2006–5.2010, 8.2015–7.2016)
- Autonomous Systems Lab, ETH Zurich, Switzerland ( (7.2010–6.2014)
- Game Technology Center, ETH Zurich, Switzerland ( (9.2016–)
- Independant (other time periods)
Markus Waibel <markus dot waibel at epfl dot ch>
Antoine Beyeler <abeyeler at ab-ware dot com>
Julien Hubert
Cyberbotics (
Nicolas Dinh (Thymio 2 robot draft)
Vincent Porchet
Michele Bongiovanni
David James Sherman (Inria)
Thibault Laine (Inria)
For minor contributions, see the commit log.
3D models by:
e-puck: Basilio Noris
photos for Thymio 3D model: Vincent Becker (Mobsya)