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✉📲 SDK Library for dotnet to send SMS for FREE using MoceanAPI sms solution.


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MoceanAPI Client Library for C#/.NET

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This is the C# client library for use Mocean's API. To use this, you'll need a Mocean account. Sign up for free at


To use the client library you'll need to have created a Mocean account.

To install the C# client library using NuGet:

  • Run the following command in the Package Manager Console:
Install-Package Mocean.Csharp.Client


You need to create a Client object containing your API key and secret to work with all function:

using Mocean;
using Mocean.Auth;

var credentials = new Basic("API_KEY_HERE", "API_SECRET_HERE");
var client = new Client(credentials);


To use Mocean's SMS API to send an SMS message, call the client.Sms.Send() method.

The API can be called directly, using a simple array of parameters, the keys match the parameters of the API.

var res = client.Sms.Send(new Mocean.Message.SmsRequest
    mocean_to = "60123456789",
    mocean_from = "MOCEAN",
    mocean_text = "Hello World"



For your convenient, the API response has been parse to specified object.

Console.WriteLine(res);         //show full response string
Console.WriteLine(res.status);  //show response status, "0" in this case


Kindly visit MoceanApi Docs for more usage


This library is released under the MIT License