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Note: Core functionality is still being implemented. Please look at the Issues list to see what is actively being worked on.

Master: Build Status

Wip: Build Status

What is ArrayPipeline?


ArrayPipelineMixin is an Ember Mixin that can be used to perform a set of piped operations on an Array via a series of ordered Ember.PipePlugin subclasses. This class is the main engine for chaining our work together. It is not intended to be subclassed or overridden.

Each element in the original content Array will be processed in order by the plugins defined on the ArrayPipeline. Each individual plugin will be responsible for doing some sort of processing on an array of object's passed in to the plugin, and will hand off it's results to the next plugin.


PipePlugin is a base class intended to be subclassed to implement a process method (used to process each element of an array) and a list of observes properties (used to recalculate changes).

Each PipePlugin will register observation changes for the elements contained in the original content array if it is the FirstResponder for that observation.

The Typical Book Example

Let's pretend that we have a list of Books with a name property. On the books, we want to filter out names that begin with the letter a, and then we want to sort the results of the filter alphabetically.

Here's the code we would write to make this work:

  # Our Model
  App.Book = DS.Model.extend
    name: DS.attr('string')
    age: DS.attr('number')

  # Our ArrayController of Books
  App.BookController = Em.ArrayController.extend Em.ArrayPipelineMixin,
    plugins: [BookFilter, BookSort]

    # This will be set by our UI
    selectedLetter: null

  # Our Filter Pipe
  BookFilter = Em.PipePlugin.extend
    # Properties we want to observe
    observes: ['name', 'controller.selectedLetter']

    # Our method for operating on our array of relevant objects 
    process: (inputArr) ->
      # We have no processing to do if a letter is not selected, but we still return the inputArr
      letter = @get('controller.selectedLetter')
      return inputArr if !letter?

      # This will return a filtered version of our inputArr if we do have a letter to use
      regex = new RegExp("^#{letter}", 'i')
      inputArr.filter (item) ->
        return false if (typeof item.get('name') != 'string')
        return item.match(regex)

  # Our Sort Pipe
  BookSort = Em.PipePlugin.extend
    observes: ['name', 'controller.selectedLetter', 'age']
    process: (inputArr) ->
      inputArr.sort (obj1, obj2) -> 
        result = Em.compare(obj1.get('name'), obj2.get('name'))
        result = Em.compare(obj1.get('age'), obj2.get('age')) if result == 0
        return result

And in our template, we utilize results to get at the output of the Pipeline:

  {{#each book in results}}

Some important things to point out with this example. When a book's name changes, the following will happen:

  1. BookFilter plugin will want to recompute changes
  2. The BookFilter plugin will obtain the result set from the previous plugin. (In this case, it's the first plugin, so it will obtain the content from the ArrayController)
  3. The BookFilter will execute it's process method and send the results to the next plugin in the Pipeline.

If we were to change the age property on a book:

  1. BookSort plugin will want to recompute changes
  2. The BookSort plugin will go to BookFilter to obtain it's last output array. It will use that data to recompute the sorting for BookSort.
  3. The process method will run and sent the results to the next plugin in the Pipeline. (In this case, it will be set as the results on the Pipeline).

What Works

  • Chaining plugins together
  • Primitive observation firing (does not handle controller. observations)

What Kinda Works

  • Observation firing (currently WIP and will be pushed to wip branch)

What Doesn't Work Yet

  • Adding / Removing objects from array
  • Support for side-operations
  • Changing observed properties within a PipePlugin

The Flow


Build Environment & Contributing

Please see the CONTRIBUTING.md for info on how to lend a hand, or for more information on the build environment!


See LICENSE.txt for more info.