Implementation of Lua 5.3.x onto the GTA V game
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GTALua2 - Implementation of Lua 5.3.x onto the GTA V game

As of v1032 GTALua2 will not be updated anymore. I have no more free time to dedicate, so I will not put out any more opdates for this mod.

To add this mod to the game just copy the GTALua2 distribution folder to the game's folder, and place the proxy.dll file there, renaming it to iphlpapi.dll. GTALua2 is not a very sociable mod, so it needs to be alone by itself on the game's folder. It cannot be combined with dinput8.dll based mods. It will not load extra mods with .asi, .ev1 or .whatever extensions. Once you have GTALua2, you have GTALua2 alone. GTALua2 can though load OpenIV.asi, to allow modding while using modded .RPF files. Going online with this option enabled will definitely result in a ban, so read on.

GTALua2 is based on Infamous Team's code base and on the awesome GTALua by Freeaky. Due credit where credit is due.

Kudos to Force67 for a lot of testing and pattern research.

GTALua2 is distributed under the DWTFYWALAYGPC license: Do Whatever The -beep- You Want with it As Long As You Give Proper Credit.

If you use this mod online, be aware that you do it at your own risk, there's always a chance that you will be banned, and when you do, blame anything but GTALua2, blame Santa, blame Trump, blame Putin, whatever. Just don't come blaming me, your message will be silently removed. GTALua2 is not a virus, it will not steal your password, your credit card number or anything. It will not get your wife pregnant, if it happens then maybe it is because you are playing too much GTA. All the source code is here, go through it. If you cannot understand it, then you shouldn't be using it anyways.

Have fun, report bugs and suggest improvements. GTALua2 builds on VS2017. I bear no responsibility if you attempt to use this online.

Again: Online modding is not safe, and it will probably get you banned.

Discord channel:

Mockba the Borg.