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Mockba Modular

Mockba's modules for VCV Rack:

This is a small collection of modules I have created out of pure necessity.
I believe these modules might prove useful to others. Please feel free to use them.

Alt text


A simple logo blank just because everyone else seems to have one.


Small fader (attenuator) module I use to control volume levels, etc.
If the input is disconnected, Feidah becomes a 0V -> 10V source.
The VCA input allows Feidah to be used as a simple VCA.
This is actually the first module I made, evah!


Small stereo fader module. Feidah's big brother.
The VCA input allows FeidahS to be used as a simple VCA.
Doesn't have voltage source functionality.


Simple Moog based multimode filter.


Small two signal mixer (crossfader) for voltages.
The VCA input allows Mixah to be used as a simple VCA.
There also a switch to reverse chanel B's phase if needed.
If the inputs are disconnected, Mixah becomes a -5V -> 5V source.


Small three signal mixer for voltages.
Used to mix signals when making classic 3 oscillator synths.


Simple clock divider based on inverse counting, so all the clock outputs will start in sync.


Simple binary counter/divider, can be used as divider but the clock outputs won't start in sync.


Simple 4 to 1 selector, normally used to select waves from a 4 output oscillator.
The inputs can also be automatically selected via the "mod" port.


Simple envelope shaper with classic ADSR controls.


Simple sample and hold with trigger input.


Simple panning module.
The panning can be modulated via the "mod" port.

UDPClockMaster (Mastah)

Clock/Reset UDP broadcaster.
This module receives a clock and a reset signals as inputs and then broadcasts them via UDP port 7000, to allow for synchronization of other VCV Rack instances running on different computers at the same network.
Best results are achieved if using Ethernet, not Wifi.
By default it broadcasts to If a different network is needed, one would need to change this in a JSON file that is created on Rack's documents folder when the plugin is first loaded.
From that moment on the plugin will always load the default IP address from the JSON file.
The little status light illuminates red if there's any issue establishing the UDP socket.

UDPClockSlave (Slavah)

Clock/Reset receiver.
This module receives the UDP broadcasts on port 7000 and generates corresponding Clock and Reset signals.
The idea here is to have one Slavah (only one) running on each VCV computer that is going to be synced to the master.
The little status light illuminates red if there's any issue establishing the UDP socket.

CZ Series

Alt text

These modules precisely recreate the classic Casio CZ series Phase Distortion waveforms.
The Saw, Square and Pulse oscillators can also work as LFOs.
If the LFO mode is selected, the FINE knob becomes a 5V offset for the output.
The CZOsc module merges all the CZ oscillators together. If the shape modulation input is connected the shape knob works as attenuation for the shape modulation signal.

Maug Series

Alt text

These modules recreate the classic Moog waveforms.
All the oscillators can also work as LFOs.
If the LFO mode is selected, the FINE knob becomes a 5V offset for the output.
The MaugOsc module merges all the Maug oscillators together.

Logic Series

Alt text

These modules implement multiple boolean logic gates and functions.
The NOT module can also work as a voltage inverter (phase inverter) when analog mode is selected.

Background Color

The default background color can be replaced by changing the svg file on the json configuration.
Just add or modify the item called "Background" with the path to the background image filename. Like so:

  "Background": "res/Empty_gray.svg",
  "IPAddress": ""

The default background color can also be set by right clicking on the Mockba Modular blank.

Other Modules

Please make sure also to check my commercial modules. They sound great, and your collaboration helps me keep the work on them.
Details here:


Just follow the VCV recommendations to build plugins.
I have provided a premake5 lua setup I use, which creates a VSTudio solution/project to allow editing the source code on Visual Studio. Just double click on setup.cmd to create the solution or on clean.cmd to clean it up.
The Visual Studio solution and project files are created on a VStudio sub folder.
Build still needs to be done via Makefile on the msys2 shell (for Windows) or the respective methods for Linux and Mac. I have provided also a script I (have to) use to execute the make command.

ToDo list for the UDP modules

. Add some offset adjust knob to Slavah to compensate for network delay.


Sometimes the Slave won't start when added, if this is the case then close the patch and open it again. This normally fixes the issue.
I am still trying to figure out the reason for this.


Make sure to visit my youtube channel at
I will start to add videos there regarding these and other modules I am working on.


Usage of these modules might cause issues like electricity spikes, cpu core meltdowns or planetary energy disruptions, be advised.
Help, suggestions and of course donations are much welcome.

Make sure to check also my commercial modules:
MM_Oscah - Special Vintage Oscillators:
MM_ModelV - Moog Inspired Synthesizer:
MM_ModelX - Crossover between a Moog and a Casio:
MM_Proton - A different approach to the "Model" series:


Mockba's plugin for VCV Rack







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