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Entry for Ludum Dare 30 "Connected Worlds"
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LD30 (Need a Title)

Entry for Ludum Dare 30 "Connected Worlds"

Online 2d fantasy rpg sandbox with inspiration from Elona currently using Elona tileset

Each player starts with their own 150x150 'world' that they can build on and is generally friendly each world has a set of random portals, the portals can either go to an existing world (including other players) or create a new one Each new world has a specific biome, a set of npcs/monsters. some friendly, some hostile. And possibly loot, along with other portals. Once you've been to a world you can copy the id down and warp back there whenever you want.

Gameplay plans:

Almost every item in the game can be carried and moved depending on its weight, so you can take things you find from other worlds and bring them back to yours.

You can 'claim' other worlds by defeating all hostile npcs and constructing a flag there. Periodically spawning hostile npcs will then try to destroy the flag to defeat your claim. Other players can also attack the flag to claim it themselves.

You can build defenses to help protect your claim. NPCs you befriend can also be told to guard the flag or patrol for hostiles

possibly some sort of resource gathering used for crafting with friendly npcs able to automatically gather for you on worlds you won

The world you start with cannot be claimed by other players and will not spawn hostile npcs

Terrain modification for worlds you own - cut down trees, destroy boulders, till ground for farmland

Character RPG Stats :

basic d&d stats similar to Elona - Strength Constitution Dexterity Perception Learning Will Magic Charisma


Life Mana Speed Luck

Dodge Block Parry Damage Reduction/type (d&d/ddo style) Resistance/type

Activities/Skills can improve each stat and be improved by each stats:

Mining Gardening Cooking Alchemy Haggle Persuasion Leadership Engineering

Weapon Proficiencies

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