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Mod Organizer 2 Development Changelog

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See Mod Organizer 2 Changelog for changes to released software.

Mod Organizer 2.2.0 Beta 8


  • Added plugin to read script extender logs and detect some issues like outdated plugins (kudos to AnyOldName3)
  • Modified FNIS integration plugin to allow writing logs to another mod.
  • Fixed errors when the TMP folder doesn't exist when launching MO2.
  • Changed mo_interface.log to allow one million lines instead of one thousand.
  • Fixed query info behavior when multiple replies are received for one MD5 search.
  • Added additional query to MD5 search to get file description.
  • Changed instance manager to prevent the type of instance from changing due to other settings.
  • Fixed not being able to select another instance if the current instance's game plugin goes missing.
  • Fixed the notification button not being updated after certain GUI actions.
  • Changed notification behavior to ignore notifications from plugins returning isActive is false.

Mod Organizer 2.2.0 Beta 7, Patch 2


  • Fixed being able to move overwrite files to mods to replace files.
  • Changed update requests to not delete the Nexus ID on hidden or deleted mods.
  • Changed mod list to not display a Nexus ID of 0 (which is considered invalid)
  • Changed failed API requests to update the API request counter.
  • Added support for info log messages (gets rid of "[?]" in logs and adds lightbulbs to some messages).
  • Changed check for updates to only change to the updated filter if mods are being checked for update or mods already have updates available.
  • Fixed update check to not ignore files younger than an hour old...? (Questionable, needs better testing.)

Removes "Changed newly added downloads to use the MD5 info search instead (should provide more accurate information)" from previous patch due to crashing when downloading mods.

Mod Organizer 2.2.0 Beta 7, Patch 1


  • Fixed being able to move overwrite files to mods to replace files.
  • Changed update requests to not delete the Nexus ID on hidden or deleted mods.
  • Changed mod list to not display Nexus ID of 0 (which is considered invalid).
  • Changed failed API requests to update the API request counter.
  • Changed newly added downloads to use the MD5 info search instead (should provide more accurate information).
  • Added support for info log messages (gets rid of "[?]" in logs and adds lightbulbs to some messages).
  • Changed check for updates to only change to the updated filter if mods are being checked for update or mods already have updates available.
  • Fixed update check to not ignore files younger than an hour old...? (Questionable, needs better testing.)

Mod Organizer 2.2.0 Beta 7


  • USVFS: Keep track of deleted directories (fixes problem with SkyProc/DSR).
  • USVFS: Replace hooks for CreateFileA/W/2 with improved NtCreateFile (fixes problem with WB).
  • Oblivion: Fix reading/writing archive list in oblivion.ini (fixes automatic archive invalidation).
  • File attribute checker: All else fails, set the archive attribute on files.
  • Improved function and error reporting for dropping files on mod list.
  • Updated the "what's this" description of profiles.
  • Improved timeout behavior when logging in to Nexus
  • Updated tutorials and stylesheets for the problems->notifications change.
  • Fixed conflict detection concerning the overwrite mod.
  • Improved mod highlights when no mod is selected.
  • Improved mod list to trigger mod conflict highlights when the overwrite mod is selected.
  • Improved mod list to trigger selected plugin highlights when the overwrite mod is selected.
  • Improved update of mod list when the overwrite mod is cleared.
  • Added "Explore Virtual Folder" as a default executable.
    • This launches an included copy of Explorer++ in the game directory.
  • Updated to Qt 5.12.2 final (no real changes)

Mod Organizer 2.2.0 Beta 6


  • USVFS: Removed TEMP directory workaround. Might fix some issues with Wrye Bash on Windows 7. Should improve performance. Should not introduce any additional bugs *cough cough*.
  • Improved reporting of MO update checks to not pop up unneeded dialogs.
  • Improved translatability of some log messages in FOMOD installer.
  • Disabled and hid the configurator plugin (can be enabled again in the MO2 plugins settings).
  • Fixed paths shown for games when browsing during instance creation.
  • Added setting to hide the API counter (Settings > Nexus > Hide API Request Counter)
  • Improved reporting of failed login checks on startup.
  • Added support to report tracked status of mods and set the tracked status for a mod.
    • New push-pin icon in the mod list flags column.
    • Right-click mod > "start tracking" or "stop tracking"
    • Updates when you perform a global update check
  • Improved query info for downloads to perform MD5 searches before bugging the user.
    • In most normal cases, this means the user doesn't have to select a game, mod ID, or file.
  • Updated to Qt 5.12.2 snapshot
    • Not officially released but close enough to test
    • Fixes issues with text alignment when it becomes elided (long text getting ... added to it)
  • Added support for downloading/updating mods from Enderal Nexus.

Mod Organizer 2.2.0 Beta 5


  • Improved file attribute checker of basic diagnosis plugin to remove compressed and sparse file attributes.
  • Fixed setting the game name of installed mods.
  • Fixed using the game name when checking for updates to mods.
  • Added function to get configured mods directory (not currently used for anything).
  • Added 4096 character limit to the download description tooltip.
  • Changed download description to the file description instead of the mod changelog.
  • Don't populate newestVersion when downloading a mod.
  • Fixed files being added to the updated filter when checking for updates.
  • Fixed "unignore update" appearing for mods that haven't had updates ignored.
  • Changed "force-check updates" to ignore the update check timeouts.
  • Removed the spoofed NMM version in the workarounds settings and the user agent string.
  • Added automatic update check after installing a mod.

Mod Organizer 2.2.0 Beta 4

API changes (from "New API Version 4"):

  • Added helpful message when API key is not valid or present.
  • Fixed issue with downloads not being removed on failure.
  • Fixed seconds calculation on update timeout.
  • Fixed display of file names when querying info.
  • Improved message for already pending or started downloads.
  • Improved update check to look one hour in the past to prevent time mismatches.

Other changes (from "2.2.0 Beta 3"):

  • USVFS: Fixed children processes not knowing about files deleted by parents.
    • This should fix a problem with FNIS when certain files are not deleted before running FNIS.
  • Added space to message to appease Yoosk.
  • Fixed not being able to install mods after canceling a mod installation.
  • Improved checking for running Steam.
    • If Steam is being run as admin, user will be prompted to restart MO as admin. This helps avoid issues where, for example, running SKSE causes the Skyrim launcher to appear.

v2.2.0 New API v3:


  • Various stability improvements
  • Fix for Qt5WebSockets.dll not loading from dlls
    • Delete any old copy in the root directory if you are upgrading an existing install
  • Some lootcli updates for better compatibility with v0.14 masterlists
  • Proper handling of download requests for standard users
  • Fixes to eliminate duplicate requests with bulk update checks and multiple installs of one mod
  • Optional cache timeout methods
    • Fixed at 1 day
    • Dynamic based on last modified date on Nexus
      • < 1mo = 2hr, < 3mo = 4hr, < 6mo = 6hr, < 1yr = 12hr, > 1yr = 1dy
      • May take up to a day to get modified date info depending on when you last updated mod info
    • Toggle method in Nexus > Settings
  • Using Windows Credential Manager to store sensitive data
    • Maintained across all instances tied to the current Windows user
    • Will require re-authenticating one last time
  • Some backend header changes for API calls requested by Nexus team
  • Maybe more?

v2.2.0 Dev Build 10 - NEW API:


  • Rewritten API to use the brand new Nexus API
    • You must reauthenticate within the Settings Nexus tab
      • You no longer enter user credentials, instead you will see a button. Click this button and you will be redirected to Nexus where it will ask you to log in and then authenticate the request for MO2. Once this is done MO2 will automatically receive and store your API key. If you revoke this key on Nexus, you will need to click the button to revoke your local credentials and then request a new key.
    • Requests are (currently) limited to 2500 a day and 100 per hour. (They are consumed simultaneously.)
      • Your currently remaining requests as well as the count of currently queued requests are now displayed at the bottom of the Mod list.
    • MO2 will now gradually scan 10 mods every 5 minutes - though you can still force check all mods if desired
      • This scan will prioritize mods that were least-recently checked for updates
    • Mods track the last update and will not fetch new data until an hour has passed
      • This info is visible in the version tooltip in the mod list, and the versions will be italicized when they are due for an update
    • Version info now uses author-defined file updates to help locate 'correct' update paths
      • If we find a file update and it isn't flagged as old or deleted, we 'prefer' that update version
    • The file category (main, update, old, deleted...) is now used to determine if a mod is outdated
  • Credential storage has been migrated to a more secure encryption scheme which is tied to your Windows account
  • Did I miss anything? Maybe!

v2.2.0 Beta 3


  • Changed order of Enderal primary plugins
    • This fixes a weird AI problem with Bandits when Update.esm is loaded before Enderal - Forgotten Stories.esm.
  • Improved implementation of USVFS executable blacklisting
  • Fixed issue deleting save games for Skyrim and Enderal.
  • Removed incorrect Nexus information from game plugins.
  • Fixed some errors that pop up when downloading files with a dialog active.
  • Fixed crashing when installing two mods at once (by preventing the user from doing that).

v2.2.0 Beta 2


  • Fixed Enderal plugin
    • Warning: Until Enderal team does not release an update the game will be unable to read the MO2 plugins.txt, instead reading the one in Appdata/Local/enderal due to an incompatibility with USVFS and SkyrimRedirector.dll. They are on it.
  • Fixed saving data related to profile-specific save games
  • Fixed memory leak related to the mod list context menu
  • Improved browsing for a game to manage when the choice is ambiguous. For example, browsing to the Fallout NV folder will allow you to choose Fallout NV or TTW.

v2.2.0 Beta 1


  • Added a compact mode for the mod list flags column. This is activated when the column is smaller than the width of 6 icons.
  • Added Discord, GOG Galaxy, and Spotify to the default executable blacklist.
  • Added logs to the NXM handler.
  • Added support for Enderal: Forgotten Stories on Steam.
  • All sorts of performance improvements from Al.
  • Changed archive parsing option to better explain how experimental it is.
  • Changed palette of small notification window to improve readability and customization through themes.
  • Changed primary game plugins to not be case-sensitive.
  • Fixed crash when disabling while the "checked" filter is active and similar cases.

v2.2.0 Dev Build 10:


  • Fixed order of files in USVFS (fixes some problems with Race Menu and possibly other DLL mods).
  • Fixed NCC installer to preserve the full install path for files out the MO2 downloads folder.
  • Fixed some Nexus IDs for games (probably doesn't change anything).
  • Fixed name of Skyrim SE (fixes some problems with preloaders).
  • Changed display of MO2 version to always include at least 3 segments (2.2.0 vs 2.2).
  • Changed various logs to be more consistent in format and content.
  • Added geometry memory for problems dialog.
  • Renamed problems to notifications as they don't always need to be fixed.
  • Fixed errors being generated when the data tab's "write to file" is canceled.
  • Changed edit executables dialog to auto-populate the title when browsing for an executable.
  • Fixed the mod list flags column to not add invisible icons that don't need to be there.
  • Fixed modsSortedByProfilePriority to not return overwrite or backup mods (fixes MO2->OpenMW plugin)

v2.2.0 Dev Build 9:


  • Archive parsing is now considered experimental and disabled by default. It can be enabled by checking Settings > Workarounds > Enable parsing of Archives
  • Added "Move content to mod..." option to overwrite context menu. This merges the contents of the overwrite with the mod.
  • Improved display of notes and alternate game source tooltips.
  • Improved performance when enabling/disabling many mods at once.
  • Fixed a crash with the "disable selected" option while the "checked" filter is active (and similar cases).
  • Improved performance of plugin list refresh.
  • Improved text of the "choose instance name" dialog.
  • Changed mod list to open conflicts tab when double-clicking on mod flags.
  • Fixed library forced loading when using MO shortcuts.
  • Fixed the installation progress bar covering the BSA extractor dialog.
  • Improved tooltips and location of archive parsing option.

v2.2.0 Dev Build 7:


  • Fixed wrong conflicts indication after closing a mod information window or disabling/enabling a mod.
  • Added Archive (BSAs) conflict detection following normal plugin loading rules.
  • Added new flags for conflicts between BSAs.
  • Added new flags for conflicts between BSAs and loose files.
  • Added option to disable Archive conflict parsing to keep performance high.
  • Added option hide files from BSAs in the Data tab.
  • Changed font of files coming from archives in the conflicts window.



  • Overhauled text search for pluginlist and modlsit:
    • Spaces are now considered logical AND, each word is a keyword that must be present in the mod (name/note/category).
    • Each word does not have to match a full word, searching "static improvement" will match "StaticMeshImprovements".
    • By using keywords (OR || | ;) the search can be divided in OR segments (OR wins over AND).
  • Added link to discord and documentation to help menu.
  • Added Parchment theme by TheBobAbides.
  • Improved overwrite description and warning.
  • Updated internal 7zip library to 18.06 (performance and bugfix update).



  • Initial OBSE support!
    • This is done through loading the OBSE DLL when Oblivion.exe is hooked by USVFS. This can be setup in the edit executables dialog. Example:
    • This feature theoretically supports force loading any DLL like SKSE, NVSE, etc.
  • Added "shadersfx" as a valid game data folder.
  • Fixed some version notification messages.
  • Changed "delete profile-specific INIs" and "delete profile-specific saves" dialogs to be able to remember the user's selection.
  • Fixed dropping files on the downloads tab.
  • Fixed updating valid mod status when moving files from overwrite.
  • Fixed crash that would happen when trying to install mods that are querying info.
  • Changed notes tab to save rich text across restart.
  • Fixed issue where the incorrect URL would be saved for a mod after running a FOMOD installer.
  • Added web page URL field in mod info dialog. This will be used for opening web pages when the mod's nexus ID is invalid.
  • Changed "visit on Nexus" and "open web page" actions to open both Nexus pages and custom pages.
  • Changed downgrade warning to only occur once.
  • Updated Paper Automata theme to A2-2.0 (new download list support + other changes)
  • Updated Paper Dark and Paper Light themes to 5.0 (new download list support + other changes)
  • Updated dev versions of SIP and PyQT



  • Updated to libloot 0.14.0, boost 1.69.0, Qt 5.12.0, PyQt 5.12 dev version, SIP 4.19.14 dev version, OpenSSL 1.0.2q, and ICU 063.1
  • Updated to Qt fixes windows shifting when opened
  • Added "NetScriptFramework" as top level directory
  • Improved support for non-ASCII paths, file names, and text
  • Fixed and improved counters visuals, performance, and functionality
  • Improved performance when enabling/disabling mods
  • Fixed download list spacing/sizing/padding
  • Added Tannin to thanks in about dialog



  • Completely revamped downloads tab to use actual columns (thanks to bshd!)
    • Fixed the long standing issue of download progress bar not moving.
    • Fixed "You already downloaded this file" dialog to show name and allow other downloads to be started.
    • Added ability to hide columns from the downloads tab (right click on header).
  • Changed Send To Separator dialog to list separators in priority order instead of alphabetically.



  • More improvments to Skyrim plugin order.
  • Fixes to file attribute checker.
  • Fixed FOMOD installer being completely hidden when the FOMOD has no options.
  • Added alpha settings to color selections.
  • Improved display of long file names in the downloads tab.



  • Fixed download list refresh, courtesy of bshd!
  • Fixed Skyrim plugin list (invalid priorities, resetting when running Wrye Bash).
  • Fixed warning about missing signal.
  • Fixed warning about missing English translations.
  • Fixed counters not updating when switching profiles.
  • Fixed "Loads BSA" flag to find loaded archives in the entire virtual folder.
  • Added file attribute checker to basic diagnosis plugin.
    • When launching an executable, this will search your game directory and MO2 mods directory for files that have invalid attributes. If any are found, this will offer to fix them.
    • This is disabled by default. It may be activated in the MO2 plugins settings > Basic Diagnosis Plugin > check_fileattributes.
    • "Invalid attributes" are defined as not having the archive flag and having any other flag. Read-only. System. Hidden. Etc. Files with these flags may not be loaded properly. This is known to affect Skyrim, Skyrim SE, Fallout 4, and Fallout 76. This is known to affect games and creation kits.



  • Added "skyrimcustom.ini" support for Skyrim SE.
  • Added active mod and active plugin counters.
    • See the top-right of each list.
    • Click/hover over it for additional information.
  • Added an option to disable endorsements (Settings > Nexus > Endorsement integration).
  • Added Ctrl+F and ESC hotkeys for the downloads tab filter.
  • Added dialog that will clear the read-only flag on INI files when writing to them.
  • Added dialogs to catch and report exceptions that happen when closing MO2.
  • Added enumerations for plugin states and mod states for python plugins.
  • Added option for the user to "won't endorse" MO2 itself.
  • Added sorting for the notes column in the mod list.
  • Added support for GIF animations in the FOMOD installer.
  • Changed "Namefilter" objects to "Filter" objects to reflect additional functionality below.
  • Changed "visit on nexus", "unendorse", "endorse", and "won't endorse" options to work with multiple mods.
  • Changed double-clicking of mod list to open the relevant tab of the mod information dialog.
  • Changed ESC hotkey to clear the filter when the list is selected.
  • Changed mod list filter to also search categories, nexus IDs, and notes.
  • Fixed description not loading when the mod information dialog opens with the Nexus tab selected.
  • Fixed installer not being able to locate a prior installation that had spaces in it.
  • Fixed the missing INI dialog popping up when creating a new instance that supports archive invalidation.
  • Improved display of long file names in the downloads tab.
  • Improved launching executables that require administrator.
    • MO2 will restart itself as administrator. You will be required to retry whatever you were doing that caused the prompt.
  • Improved tooltip for alternate game source flag.
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