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Table Of Contents

A list of projects will be published in this repository. Click the Watching button to keep abreast of new open source projects



  • mpTxtCopyPaste - Fast copying of single line or multiline text content, mleaders, dimensions or table cells
  • mpStripMtext - Remove specified formatting from multiline text
  • mpTables - Plugin of inserting AutoCAD tables into the drawing according to GOST/DSTU/STB or from the specified file
  • mpFormats - Plugin of inserting in the drawing formats according to GOST 2.301-68/ISO 216
  • mpDocTemplates - Plugin allows you to create templates of the text part of the section according to "Resolution of the Russian Federation No.87" with the title page according to GOST R 21.1101-2013
  • mpDwgBase - Base of various blocks and drawings
  • mpMultiScale - Plugin allows you to scale each of the selected objects relative to themselves
  • mpPlinesEdit - Collection of various plugins for working with polylines
  • mpRotAtt - Plugin is used to change the rotation angle of attributes in the selected blocks
  • mpTxtCenter - Plugin allows you to create a single line text or align the existing one in the middle between two specified points
  • mpMeshes - Selection and calculation of the mass of reinforcing meshes according to normative documents
  • mpDimJustif - Aligning the extension or dimension lines along the specified straight line
  • mpSummLength - Gets and displays the number and sum of the lengths of selected lines, polylines, circles, arcs and splines
  • mpPrToTable - Plugin allows you to fill the specification table with the selected ModPlus products
  • mpHandDim - Color highlight, restore or delete dimensions with an override value
  • mpDbViewer - Plugin for viewing the normative base
  • mpRemoveAnnotScale - Clears the list of annotative scales in the selected annotative objects, leaving the current scale
  • mpDrawOrderByLayer - Plugin serves to change the draworder according to the layers
  • mpPrPosition - Plugin adds/removes a position to the selected products and allows position marking of the item
  • mpBlkReplace - Plugin allows quick replacement of blocks in the drawing with a sample block
  • mpESKD - A collection of plugins that creates intelligent objects for drawing up drawings according to the rules of ESKD
  • mpLayoutManager - Drawing layout manager displayed in the palette


  • mprCopySheetsToOpenDocuments - Batch copy sheets to open documents
  • mprFamilyDuplicateFixer - Automate Duplicate Family Correction
  • mprCleaner - Remove objects of certain categories from the model with the ability to remove unused elements
  • mprFastViewCut - Quickly create a crop view by specifying a rectangular crop area
  • mprTools - A collection of small auxiliary plugins
  • mprNestedFamilyParamsTransfer - Plugin allows you to simplify the work of establishing a associating between the parameters of nested families with the parameters of the parent family
  • ostViewIn3D - Cuts the selected elements in the view cube, with the possibility of specifying the size of the view cube
  • mmRebarSolidAndVisible - Change the state of the visibility of the rebar (view unobscured and veiw as solid)
  • whshScheduleLookup - Search for schedules in a project that contain the specified value
  • mprExteriorPlanDimensions - External dimensions on the floor plan
  • mprDimBias - Automatic movement of the dimension value that falls on the dimension lines
  • mprCADmanager - Manage all imports of dwg files in the current document
  • zfiFamilyRenameTool - Batch renaming of parameter names, type names, parameter values in the specified families
  • mprCopyElementsToOpenDocuments - Batch elements copying to the opened documents
  • mmOrderMarking - Adding numbering to the specified parameter of elements with the possibility of numbering in the schedules
  • mprCopyViewTemplateFilters - Manage filters of view templates with the ability to copy filters between view templates with saving graphics override settings
  • mprMergeDims - Create a new dimension chain from selected dimensions that lie on one straight line
  • mprSplitDimChain - Create new dimensions from segments of the selected dimension chain
  • mprElevations - Quick creation of spot dimensions on section and elevation views
  • mprRebarTools - A collection of small auxiliary plugins for working with rebar
  • mprJoin - Apply to manage adjoining of walls and beams, and also join their



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