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SWGEmu Development Environment setup
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SWGEmu Development Environment setup

Special Thanks to lordkator for the initial FastTrack VM Image and the scripts that this repository is based on.

Install Debian 9.x 64bit

Tested with debian 9.8 with cinnamon desktop

Blank MtG Server Debian 9.8 VM Image can be downloaded from HERE.

Install a new VM in VirtualBox (or download the above link).

##Impotant Note!! Please ensure you run sudo apt-get update and sudo apt-get upgrade BEFORE running the following scripts if using the MtG Base Image.

Once complete

For this exercise, use the following passwords:

root: 12345678

And setup the user to be:


password: 123456

Import scripts

Copy this series of commands into a terminal: Installs git, downloads scripts and installs them. ## DO NOT LOGIN AS ROOT!!!!

And just to make sure you don't ignore it and do it anyway!!




Copy this long series of commands into your console..

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install -y -q git && git clone && cp -i ~/DevEnv/ ~/Documents && mkdir setup && mkdir run && cp -r ~/DevEnv/run/* ~/run/ && chmod -v +x ~/DevEnv/bin/* && cat ~/DevEnv/bin/pathto &>> ~/.bashrc

Run scripts

Once the above has completed, run the following from the command line.

  1. cd ~/DevEnv/bin

  2. ./reqd - Installs required packages and programs including Lua, BerkelyDB, etc.

  3. ./setup - Setup of development environment follows these steps:

    • Clone repos and checkout a local branch of mtgserver/master
    • Server configuration
    • For MySQL databases, passwords are [sudo]123456, then 123456 for the two DB's
    • Tre files (They will need to be copied or moved)
    • Asks if you want to build and run the server.
  4. Will build the server. However if it fails, use the following:

  5. cd ~/workspace/Core3/MMOCoreORB

  6. build server with make -j8

  7. While the server is building, is a good time to copy your tre files to the server. There is a shared folder set up in the VM.

  8. On your host computers C drive, create a folder called c:\vmshare

  9. Copy your tre files to this folder

  10. Open a new terminal and press the up arrow until you see this command: Then hit Enter.

sudo mount -t vboxsf vmshare ~/share/

  1. The folder should now be available in the Debian file explorer, you should be able now, to drag the files actross to /tre

  2. Once the build process has finished, it should immediately launch the server. If it does not, then:

  3. cd ~/workspace/Core3/MMOCoreORB/bin

  4. Run server with ./core3

  5. you can run the "latest" script to update code and engine submodule as you wish. It will do a quick git-stash, git-pull, and git-stash-apply so you can get to the latest code w/o losing local work.

Setup MySQL

You will need to manually setup MySQL workbench. Easiest way is to set it up from the command line.

From command line run:

sudo mysql -u root

use mysql;

update user set password=PASSWORD("12345678") where User='root';

UPDATE user SET plugin='mysql_native_password' WHERE User='root';



Now open workbench from start/programming.

Log in as root uping p/w 12345678

open galaxy table and edit IP address to your VM's address (default is localhost, save, apply, exit, reboot.

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