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ModeShape Embedded Example

This is a self-contained Maven project that shows how to embed ModeShape within a simple J2SE application. The ModeShapeExample class has a 'main(...)' method that loads a ModeShape configuration as a resource on the classpath, uses that configuration to build a ModeShapeEngine instance, starts the engine, and obtains a JCR Session to the repository.

This project is self-contained and can be built at the top level of your local clone of the Git repository, or by simply building this project using Maven 3:

$ mvn clean install

See this ModeShape community article for help on how to install Maven 3.

The ModeShape project

ModeShape is an open source implementation of the JCR 2.0 (JSR-283) specification and standard API. To your applications, ModeShape looks and behaves like a regular JCR repository. Applications can search, query, navigate, change, version, listen for changes, etc. But ModeShape can store that content in a variety of back-end stores or it can access and update existing content from other kinds of systems (including file systems, SVN repositories, JDBC database metadata, and other JCR repositories). ModeShape's connector architecture means that you can write custom connectors to access any kind of system. And ModeShape can even federate multiple back-end systems into a single, unified virtual repository.

For more information on ModeShape, including getting started guides, reference guides, and downloadable binaries, visit the project's website at http://www.modeshape.org or follow us on our blog or on Twitter. Or hop into our IRC chat room and talk our community of contributors and users.

The official Git repository for the project is also on GitHub at http://github.com/ModeShape/modeshape.

Need help?

ModeShape is open source software with a dedicated community. If you have any questions or problems, post a question in our user forum or hop into our IRC chat room and talk our community of contributors and users.