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Commits on Oct 5, 2012
  1. @hchiorean

    MODE-1598 - Implemented initial cnd import via a repository configura…

    hchiorean authored
    …tion attribute named node-types
Commits on Oct 4, 2012
  1. @rhauch

    MODE-1665 Corrected AS7.2 kit to deal with missing methods

    rhauch authored
    Correcting this class led to several other problems, primarily with the logging system. In particular,
    we were no longer able to see the correct logging implementations and load the SLF4J logger, probably
    (big assumption here) because AS7.2 was changed to no longer leak the logging interfaces and
    implementations and thereby exposing some incorrect dependencies in ModeShape modules.
    Plus, our LoggerFactory class was attempting to discover the logger classes (for the various frameworks)
    using the thread context classloader (TCCL) and then the system classloader – but not the current
    classloader. This seems obviously incorrect, so this was changed to simply try to load the class
    with the current classloader. The same thing was done for JaasProvider, which was the only other
    class using the ClassUtil.loadClassStrict(...) method.
    After all these changes, full builds running the following commands pass:
    * mvn clean install -Pintegration
    * mvn clean install -Pintegration,as72
  2. @hchiorean
  3. @hchiorean

    MODE-1663 - Fixed creation of jcr:uuid property when node type is a s…

    hchiorean authored
    …ubtype of mix:referenceable
Commits on Oct 3, 2012
  1. @hchiorean @rhauch

    MODE-1662 - Cleaned up the "connect" role, updating the documentation…

    hchiorean authored rhauch committed
    … in the web.xml files where it's being used and removing any internal usages
Commits on Oct 2, 2012
  1. @rhauch
  2. @rhauch
  3. @rhauch

    MODE-1656 Repositories are always calling Environment.shutdown

    rhauch authored
    It is now the responsibility of the Environment implementations to know what to do when shutdown is called.
    The JBoss AS service does nothing, but the LocalEnvironment does attempt to shutdown all containers (though
    there is now a way to set a LocalEnvironment instance as being "shared", which means shutdown does nothing).
    The LocalEnvironment class can be extended for custom logic.
    All unit and integration tests pass with these changes.
  4. @rhauch

    MODE-1655 Corrected namespace registration logic

    rhauch authored
    Added code that validates supplied namespace prefixes to see if they are valid JCR names. Also added a test case.
Commits on Oct 1, 2012
  1. @rhauch

    MODE-1654 Corrected the binding of the 'mode:depth' column to the values

    rhauch authored
    The tuple collector inserts the actual values for the pseudo-columns from the actual node, but was incorrectly
    binding the local name to the 'mode:depth' result set column. This was corrected to fix the issue.
  2. @rhauch
  3. @rhauch

    MODE-1629 Added tests to confirm existing behavior is correct re prop…

    rhauch authored
    …erty definitions & defaults
    Added a few tests to confirm that ModeShape's existing behavior regarding property definitions with default
    values is correct: if the property definition has a default value but is not autocreated, the default value
    is ignored; if the property definition has a default value and is autocreated, then the property is created
    immediately using the default value.
  4. @rhauch
  5. @rhauch
Commits on Sep 28, 2012
  1. @hchiorean

    MODE-1613- Fixed caching of node paths (via parentReferenceToSelf) in…

    hchiorean authored
    … the case of SNS. The solution was to check that the parent of the actual cached children reference isn't stale.
Commits on Sep 27, 2012
  1. @rhauch

    MODE-1649 Added support for using programmatically-created Infinispan…

    rhauch authored
    … components
    Changed LocalEnvironment to enable easily using Infinispan cache and cache containers
    instances. Also added more documentation.
  2. @hchiorean

    MODE-1563 - Added mechanism for executing repository initialization o…

    hchiorean authored
    …perations only once (the first startup of an empty repository) and moved the initial content import into that section.
    In addition, had to correct all the tests which make assumptions about the/ jcr:system content.
  3. @hchiorean

    MODE-1563 - Integrated the initial content feature with the AS7 subsy…

    hchiorean authored
    …stem, including an integration test
Commits on Sep 26, 2012
  1. @hchiorean
Commits on Sep 25, 2012
  1. @hchiorean
Commits on Sep 24, 2012
  1. @hchiorean
Commits on Sep 20, 2012
  1. @rhauch

    MODE-1639 Added log message.

    rhauch authored
  2. @rhauch

    MODE-1639 Minor improvements and fixes

    rhauch authored
    A log message is output when no Tika mime type detectors could be found (meaning Tika is not on
    the classpath), stating that automatic MIME type detection will be disabled. Also ensured that
    the input stream used by Tika is always closed.
    All unit and integration tests pass.
Commits on Sep 19, 2012
  1. @rhauch

    MODE-1639, MODE-1640, MODE-1634 Replaced the Aperture-based MIME type…

    rhauch authored
    … detector with a Tika-based one
    This required quite a bit of dependency gymnastics, since Tika has quite a few more transitive
    dependencies than the Aperture library (which we had successfully pared down several years ago).
    Tika references about 25 dependencies (including transitive dependencies), but this was reduced
    in 'modeshape-jcr' to about 8 for basic MIME type detection. Note that Tika usually includes
    two BouncyCastle libraries in its dependencies (used for encrypted PDFs, among other things),
    but ModeShape intentionally excludes these (as we don't want to ship or depend on any
    security-related JARs).
    Not only do we get Tika's substantial MIME type database, we've made it possible for users
    to edit the 'org/modeshape/custom-mimetypes.xml' file and provide the updated one on the application
    classpath. What goes in that file will overwrite all of the other sources (namely Tika's built-in
    file and its customization file, both of which are to be found on the classpath), which means
    it's easiest to simply provide an updated version of this file at 'org/modeshape/custom-mimetypes.xml'.
    Be sure to not remove any of the (few) customizations that ModeShape includes - those are important.
    As we upgrade Tika, we'll get updated versions of the media type data. This is far more preferable
    than having a ModeShape-specific version.
    The MIME type related interfaces in ModeShape's public API (e.g., 'modeshape-jcr-api') have been removed.
    These were added sometime in one of the 3.0 releases, so removing them will not introduce compatibility
    issues for users.
    Instead, we've decided to get out of the MIME type detection framework business, and have decided
    to switch to Tika for all MIME type detection. In fact, you can still write your own MIME type detector,
    but you do that by implementing Tika's interface and reference the implementation class(es) in the
    corresponding service loader file in your JAR. (See the TIKA documentation for details.)
    However, internally we still have an abstraction. This is because it is possible to remove the Tika
    (and transitive dependencies) from a ModeShape installation, as long as your applications will not
    expect any kind of automatic MIME type detection. This is a perfectly valid use case: for example,
    using a repository to store data and do not store files (and don't use sequencers).
    The AS7 kits required a bit more modification. There is now a new AS7 module for 'org.apache.tika'
    that contains all of the JARs, and this is used by the ModeShape module and by the Tika text extractor
    All unit and integration tests pass with these changes. Several new tests were added.
  2. @hchiorean @rhauch
  3. @hchiorean @rhauch

    MODE-1638 - Added a check when removing workspace caches, to see if t…

    hchiorean authored rhauch committed
    …he ISPN cache manager has the status running
  4. @hchiorean @rhauch

    MODE-1637 - Fixed the stopping of the modeshape garbage collection cr…

    hchiorean authored rhauch committed
    …on thread when the engine shuts down
Commits on Sep 13, 2012
  1. @rhauch
  2. @hchiorean

    MODE-1590 - Added support for unit testing the MongoDB binary store i…

    hchiorean authored
    …mplementation. Fixed several MongoDB related issues.
  3. @hchiorean

    MODE-1590 - Refactored and extracted a common base class for all the …

    hchiorean authored
    …binary stores tests. Also, in the process, cleaned up the API a bit and fixed some issues.
Commits on Sep 12, 2012
  1. @rhauch

    MODE-1615 Changed WorkspaceCache to use in-memory Infinispan cache

    rhauch authored
    The Infinispan cache uses eviction and expiration to limit the size of each workspace cache.
    Also, the RepositoryConfiguration (and the JSON schema) were changed to allow specifying
    an Infinispan cache configuration to be used for the workspace caches. (Tuning will likely be necessary,
    since the cache size is highly a function of the number and size of the nodes.)
    All unit and integration tests pass successfully.
  2. @rhauch

    MODE-1624 Verified that VersionHistory.removeVersion works

    rhauch authored
    Added several tests to explicitly test that it is possible to remove a version history.
    Only changes to test code were made.
  3. @rhauch

    MODE-1622 Corrected Session.propertyExists() behavior

    rhauch authored
    The method no longer throws an exception when the supplied path includes
    a node that doesn't exist. Updated several test cases to reflect the expected
  4. @hchiorean

    MODE-1631 - Fixed the ISPN configuration of the performance tests and…

    hchiorean authored
    … some of the tests themselves
  5. @rhauch @hchiorean

    Corrected compiler warnings.

    rhauch authored hchiorean committed
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