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Commits on Aug 23, 2012
  1. MODE-1605 Added a kit for AS7.2

    The existing resources used in the kit for AS7.1 were changed slightly so that we can have another set of
    resources for an AS7.2 kit. The "modeshape-distribution" module now always builds both 7.1 and 7.2 kits,
    although by default it only tests the kit for 7.1. To test with 7.2 (which is currently only in Alpha1-SNAPSHOT),
    use the "-Pas72" profile.
    Verified that all normal builds (no profile, or with the "integration" or "assembly" profiles) pass successfully,
    and that they also pass when adding the "as72" profile to these builds.
    rhauch committed Aug 23, 2012
  2. MODE-1607 Fixed the JavaDoc generation errors due to 'provided' depen…

    After a lot of trial and error (and hangwringing), the easiest solution is to forcibly include the 'provided'
    dependencies with a scope of 'compile' in the "assembly" profile in the "modeshape-distribution/pom.xml" file.
    Note that we are (and have been for quite some time) building our JavaDoc in one pass, rather than using
    aggregate JavaDocs for each module. The reason is that we only want to build the JavaDoc during assembly
    builds, and so the aggregate JavaDoc approach results in the JavaDoc assembly running the entire build as
    a fork (to build all of the modules _with_ JavaDoc); this means that a full assembly build would build all
    modules at least twice. This would make the builds significantly longer, and the Mead productization build
    process is not able to even handle such circular builds.
    However, if we build the JavaDoc in one pass, then we simply have to have the modeshape-distribution module
    depend on all of the other modules for which we want to build JavaDoc and put into the assemblies (e.g., the
    distribution, source, and AS7 kit ZIP files). Normally this works great. But this fails as soon as we have
    'provided' dependencies that our code references (since the dependencies will be available in the runtime environment);
    The solution that works is simply to include the normally 'provided' dependencies in the dependencies list
    for the "assembly" profile.
    Note that several other changes were made to the profile's definition to clean up the JavaDoc plugin configuration.
    rhauch committed Aug 23, 2012
Commits on Aug 22, 2012
  1. MODE-1554 - Cleaned up dependencies after AS7 kit merge. Also, revert…

    …ed the default ISPN and JGroups dependencies
    Horia Chiorean committed Aug 22, 2012
  2. MODE-1592 - Re-enabled ShareableNodesTest and fixed some issues:

    - no more than 1 share is allowed under a parent
    - importing of shared nodes did not resolve references correctly
    - missing case for handling shared nodes during workspace.copy
    Horia Chiorean committed Aug 22, 2012
Commits on Aug 21, 2012
  1. MODE-1554 Corrected copyrights, and re-added support for text extract…

    …ors and arbitrary properties on sequencers
    The last few commits introduced several regressions: text extractors were no longer supported, and sequencers no longer supported
    extra properties. As a consequence, a full build with the parent commit failed during the JBoss integration tests.
    All these issues were corrected, and all of the incorrect copyright statements in the source were corrected.
    A full integration build passes with these changes.
    rhauch committed Aug 21, 2012
  2. MODE-1554: Improved the ModeShape subsystem for AS7

    Several improvements were made to the ModeShape subsystem for AS7:
    - tests are not skipped anymore
    - fixed & refactored tests, to properly test subsystem and to work also on non *nix systems
    - converted to ResourceDefintion/AttributeDefinition for defining models
    - updated and cleaned up dependencies
    - commented out few tests that are using JSON but should be using DMR
    tejones committed with rhauch Aug 21, 2012
  3. MODE-1602 Corrected how node type is read from persistent storage

    The node types' primary item name was being written to persistent storage, but not read from persistent storage. This commit corrects that behavior.
    rhauch committed Aug 21, 2012
Commits on Aug 20, 2012
  1. Additional tests for primary item

    rhauch committed Aug 20, 2012
  2. MODE-1461 Corrected JavaDoc of 1.7-related JDBC methods are valid whe…

    …n compiled with 1.6.
    The previous JavaDoc used {@inheritDoc} JavaDoc annotation to link to the interfaces in the JDBC API. However,
    when building with JDK 1.6, these methods are not available. So the JavaDoc was changed to something that should
    be valid in 1.6 and 1.7, and added a TODO to add the @Override when we move to 1.7.
    rhauch committed Aug 20, 2012
  3. MODE-1583 - Added missing javadoc

    Horia Chiorean committed Aug 20, 2012
Commits on Aug 18, 2012
  1. MODE-1291 MODE-1581 Updated InfinispanBinaryStore implementation to r…

    …eflect recent backup service changes
    For MODE-1581, a new method was added to the BinaryStore interface to enable the backup service to
    obtain all of the BinaryKey values from the store. This commit incorporates the change into the
    now-implemented InfinispanBinaryStore.
    rhauch committed Aug 18, 2012
  2. MODE-1461 General JDK7 compile compatibility

    Needed extension of the JDBC impl:
    JcrMetaData.getPseudoColumns - returns empty set
    JcrMetaData.generatedKeyAlwaysReturned - returns true
    JcrConnection.setSchema - noop
    JcrConnection.getSchema - noop
    JcrConnection.abort(...) - noop
    JcrConnection.setNetworkTimeout - noop
    JcrConnection.getNetworkTimeout - return always 0
    JcrStatement.closeOnCompletion - noop
    JcrStatement.isCloseOnCompletion - return true
    JcrResultSet.getObject(int columnIndex, Class<T> type) - throws unsupported
    JcrResultSet.getObject(String columnLabel, Class<T> type) - throws unsupported
    LocalJcrDriver.getParentLogger - throws unsupported (ModeShape Logger API needs to be extended for that)
    kosch committed Aug 18, 2012
  3. MODE-1291 Initial commit of Infinispan BinaryStore impl

    - replaced distributed executable with map reduce
    - applied changes according MODE-1586
    - Still open: integration into modeshape configuration
    MODE-1291 extracted text now stored as binary data
    kosch committed Aug 4, 2012
  4. MODE-1581 Added support for including binary values in backups

    The BinaryStore interface was changed to provide a method that returns an Iterable over the store's BinaryKeys. This allows the BackupService to now include all of the binary values in the backup, and the values are included when restoring a repository from a backup.
    rhauch committed Aug 18, 2012
Commits on Aug 17, 2012
  1. MODE-1581 Added support for backing up and restoring repositories

    Introduced a new facility for backing up an entire repository to files on the file system. The backup process writes the JSON representation of each node's content (up to 100K JSON documents per compressed backup file) and writes out the binary content (one file per binary value, named with the value's SHA1). The process also listens for changes made to the repository during the time the backup process is running, and writes the JSON representations of each of the nodes changed during that time - this means that backups can be performed while the repository is still in use (although backing up a repository for migration should only be done on a repository that is not being used). The result should be a consistent backup of a repository's entire content.
    It is also possible to restore a repository to the state represented in a backup. This destroys all existing repository content, adds all of the nodes and binary values in the backup, restarts the repository, and reindexes all content in the repository.
    Note that there still may be issues with how we're getting accessing all of the keys in the Infinispan cache. This has been encapsulated in the InfinispanUtil class, and can be improved over time. (At this point, Infinispan only supports using distributed execution on clustered caches; see for an enhancement request to allow using distributed execution on all caches. Additionally, there are limitations for local caches, though InfinispanUtil attempts to work around these limitations).
    rhauch committed Aug 10, 2012
Commits on Aug 16, 2012
  1. MODE-1591 Upgraded the JCR Tests to 2.5.1

    Upgraded the JCR tests to 2.5.1, and removed all of the remaining "known.issues" in the 'modeshape-jcr/pom.xml' (except for the 3 remaining issues with ModeShape code).
    rhauch committed Aug 6, 2012
  2. MODE-1583 - Code formatting

    Horia Chiorean committed with rhauch Aug 16, 2012
  3. MODE-1583 - Added unit tests for the new methods provided by the Mode…

    …ShapeRestService class.
    Horia Chiorean committed with rhauch Aug 15, 2012
  4. MODE-1583 - Added integration test for the new REST service, which ru…

    …ns the existing tests and expects different results, based on the new format
    Horia Chiorean committed with rhauch Aug 14, 2012