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Commits on Oct 25, 2012
Commits on Oct 24, 2012
  1. MODE-1691 Corrected JSON Schema

    rhauch committed Oct 24, 2012
    Corrected our JSON Schema used to validate our repository configuration files to include fields for JDBC database URL, driver class, username and password. Added several test cases to verify the change works.
  2. MODE-1675 - Extracted a separate module for modeshape-client which us…

    Horia Chiorean committed with rhauch Oct 24, 2012
    …es the standard assembly mechanism to attach (install & deploy) the artifact
  3. MODE-1690 Additional fixes to the support for custom authenticators

    rhauch committed Oct 24, 2012
    Applied several corrections suggested by Horia during the code review.
Commits on Oct 23, 2012
  1. MODE-1690 Improved support for custom authenticators

    rhauch committed Oct 23, 2012
    Prior to this fix, authenticators were used but were lost when the configuration was written back out.
    It was also not possible to dynamically add/remove authenticators via the CLI or other administrative tools.
    This change adds all of this functionality.
  2. MODE-1689 Added missing no-arg constructor for Metadata

    rhauch committed Oct 23, 2012
    This constructor was accidentally removed in a recent refactoring (see MODE-1669).
    I've now added a test case that uses externalization (via a file system cache store) and replicates the problem. Adding the no-arg constructor fixes the issue.
  3. MODE-1687 - Fixed the registration of unused namespaces when initial …

    Horia Chiorean committed Oct 23, 2012
    …cnd files are configured in the repository
Commits on Oct 19, 2012
  1. MODE-1685 Moved the 'isReference' method to Property

    rhauch committed Oct 19, 2012
    Prior to this, there were two `isReference(Property)` utility methods (one in SessionNode
    and the other in WritableSessionCache). These were removed and a new method added
    to the org.modeshape.jcr.value.Property interface. This is better because the logic
    is now centralized, and it also allows for the empty, single- and multi-valued Property
    implementations to contain efficient implementations.
    (I didn't do this originally because I was trying to minimize the impact of the changes.
    But in reality there are new methods and making this change is far better than having
    duplicate code. Thanks, Horia.)
  2. MODE-1685 Deleting nodes now processes REFERENCE properties

    rhauch committed Oct 19, 2012
    When nodes were removed, their REFERENCE properties were not being processed to
    remove the opposite references (from the target of the REFERENCE to the referrer,
    used for referential integrity and returning the nodes that refer to a particular
    node. As a result, removing the only REFERENCE properties pointing to a particular
    node would incorrectly prevent the removal of the referenced node (even when there
    were no more nodes referring to it).
    Added some logic to correctly process these REFERENCE properties when the nodes
    are being removed, ensuring the correctness of the referential integrity states.
    Several unit tests were added to first replicate and then verify the correct
Commits on Oct 18, 2012
  1. MODE-1684 - Updated the AS7 kit to allow the configuration of the wor…

    Horia Chiorean committed Oct 18, 2012
    …kspace cache container
Commits on Oct 17, 2012
  1. MODE-1679 Corrected querying of REFERENCE properties

    rhauch committed Oct 17, 2012
    Reference properties were not being queried correctly: the tuple value of REFERENCE property was the string
    representation of the node key rather than the exposed identifier, so this corrects the BasicTupleCollector to
    properly process/generate the result set tuples for such properties. Additionally, multi-valued REFERENCE
    properties were not being joined properly, since the tuple contained the array of identifier strings
    and the join processing component was never looking for arrays.
    A half-dozen new query tests were added to JcrQueryManagerTest that replicated all of these situations,
    including some of the more elementary queries that are involved in the joins and/or subqueries. Prior
    to these fixes, all of these tests failed. However, after the corrections were made, all of these tests
  2. MODE-1674 Changed restore test case to use RAM indexes

    rhauch committed Oct 17, 2012
    Even though the test configuration stores content on the file system, it can store the indexes
    in RAM because the repository is restarted following the restoration, and the restart will
    rebuild the indexes each time.
    Also added a query to the test, checking that the content is properly indexed (and indirectly loaded).
Commits on Oct 16, 2012
  1. MODE-1674 Corrected several issues with backup/restore, the JSON read…

    rhauch committed Oct 16, 2012
    …er/writer, and tests
    Changed the backup and restore tests to use file-based persisted repositories rather than
    in-memory repositories. When the repositories are restarted during the restore process,
    restarting an in-memory repository (and cache) loses all data that was successfully restored.
    One issue with the backup and restore process was that, even upon restore, the RepositoryCache's
    sourceKey and repositoryKey were generated from the configuration's name and cache name. So
    if the restored repository had a different name than the backup or the repository's cache was
    named something different, the restored repository would never find the top-level nodes in the
    workspaces, and the restored repository would appear to contain no content (even though the cache
    actually did contain all the restored entries). This was corrected by using a new
    "repository:info" document with metadata about the repository, including the source name and key,
    the cache name, the repository name and key, the date the repository was created, and the
    version of ModeShape that was used to create the repository. Because this "repository:info"
    document is stored in the cache (with a well-known key), the document is included in the backups
    and the document can be found upon restore. Note that 3.0.0.Final (and later) will create this
    "repository:info" document if not found, so any pre-3.0.0.Final repository would have to be
    at least started using 3.0.0.Final (or later) before a backup can be created.
    Also discovered and fixed several other issues in the way backups were being read. One of these
    had to do with escaped characters in JSON field values (which were not being processed correctly),
    and that documents written to JSON were not properly escaping quotes and control characters
    that appeared *within* string values. Finally, the JSON reader code (that was added for restore)
    that read a file containing multiple JSON documents was not correctly handling the end of the stream.
    After all these changes, a full build completes successfully.
  2. MODE-1675 - Changed the build so that modeshape-client.jar is a publi…

    Horia Chiorean committed Oct 16, 2012
    …shable artifact during the "assembly" profile
Commits on Oct 15, 2012
  1. MODE-1609 - Updated cache-index-storage to use cache-container name, …

    Horia Chiorean committed with rhauch Oct 15, 2012
    …not the JNDI name.
Commits on Oct 12, 2012
  1. MODE-1674 - Started work reproducing the issue

    Horia Chiorean committed Oct 12, 2012
Commits on Oct 11, 2012
  1. Revert "Removed the demos (more are available in the examples reposit…

    rhauch committed Oct 11, 2012
    …ory) and logos and presentations (which are available in ModeShape's Asset repository on GitHub)."
    This reverts commit ed2d57c.
  2. MODE-1673 Changed the JSON response to always include the built-in fi…

    rhauch committed Oct 11, 2012
    If a node contains properties with names that match the built-in fields (e.g., "self", "up", "id", and "children"),
    the code previously overwrote the built-in fields with the property values. This change prevents that.
    Obviously this means that some properties might not be represented, but this is acceptable given that a big
    best-practice of JCR is to always use namespaces for properties.
  3. MODE-1609 - Fixed AS7 subsystem binary storage integration plus some …

    Horia Chiorean committed Oct 11, 2012
    …issues which surfaced:
    * a bug inside ChunkInputStream
    * wrongful logging by the sequencers
  4. MODE-1609 - Started work on fixing the AS7 subsystem custom index con…

    Horia Chiorean committed Oct 10, 2012
    …figuration & propagation
  5. MODE-1672 - Minor test cleanup

    Horia Chiorean committed Oct 11, 2012