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Commits on Feb 18, 2013
  1. @rhauch
  2. @rhauch
  3. @hchiorean

    MODE-1813 - Updated CDI test with a test-case that allow replication …

    hchiorean authored
    …of the issue. Also, added the explicit dependency as fix.
  4. @rhauch @hchiorean

    MODE-1796 Changed the InfinispanBinaryStore garbage collection logic

    rhauch authored hchiorean committed
    The RemoteCache or a RemoteCacheStore do not support map-reduce,
    so we have to process the contents in a different way.
  5. @rhauch @hchiorean

    MODE-1817 Corrected logic of concurrent removals

    rhauch authored hchiorean committed
    Added a relatively-simple test case that replicated the exact exception
    using my hypothesized scenario. The test creates separate threads to
    concurrently remove a specific node and (after synchronizing on a
    CyclicBarrier) save their changes. Thus, the transient state of each
    Session does not see the uncommitted transient state of the other
    Session, but both sessions are saved roughly the same time (in different
    threads so different transactions are used). But since both need to
    acquire the lock on the same parent node, only one session will proceed
    first to successfully remove the node. When the second session proceeds,
    it no accepts the fact that the node was already removed and proceeds
    (ACID transactions FTW!)
    The fix was pretty simple: be aware that attempting to remove an entry
    in the cache may return null if the entry does not exist (i.e., was
    recently removed).
  6. @rhauch @hchiorean

    MODE-1809 Corrected the processing of set queries, including unions

    rhauch authored hchiorean committed
    The code was sorting and then removing duplicates in the tuples,
    but during pre-processing and planning, the internal structure of the
    tuples changed for certain kinds of queries (like unions with join)
    to add in node location information as additional columns. The
    removal of duplicates, however, was still incorrectly basing its
    access of the tuple values upon the smaller/earlier tuple structure.
    This cause various kinds of ClassCastExceptions.
    Added a test case that replicated the originally reported problem,
    which after the fix now passes.
Commits on Feb 15, 2013
  1. @rhauch

    MODE-1816 REST v2 responses base property representations on number o…

    rhauch authored
    …f values
    The response should base the field value for a given property based upon
    whether that JCR property is single-valued or multi-valued, not upon
    the number of values. If multi-valued, then the field value should be
    an array (even if there is just one item). Version 1 of the REST API
    already works this way, but the version 2 was changed.
    Note that it is still possible for property representations in
    requests to use a single value (rather than an array) when setting
    a multi-value to a single value, or the more conventional practice
    of using an array to set a multi-valued array. The latter is obviously
    required when setting the mutli-valued property to 0 or 2+ values.
    Several of the expected results were incorrect and have been changed.
  2. @hchiorean @rhauch

    MODE-1813 - Implemeted an Arquillian based test using CDI and various…

    hchiorean authored rhauch committed
    … deployment units.
  3. @hchiorean @rhauch

    MODE-1804 - Corrected the schema and the Hibernate Search parameters …

    hchiorean authored rhauch committed
    …for the jgroups-slave backend.
Commits on Feb 14, 2013
  1. @rhauch

    MODE-1816 The jcr:mixinTypes properties should not need to be first i…

    rhauch authored
    …n the JSON requests
    ModeShape should not expect that the "jcr:mixinTypes" property be
    before the other properties in the JSON request coming from REST clients.
    Some libraries will not allow clients to reliably choose the order.
    Added a test case to verify this now works.
  2. @rhauch
  3. @hchiorean @rhauch

    MODE-1811 - Fixed the InfinispanBinaryStore not being able to load a …

    hchiorean authored rhauch committed
    …class from modeshape-jcr, by making that class available in the AS 7.1.1 kit to the org.infinispan.main module.
  4. @rhauch
  5. @hchiorean

    MODE-1807 - Changed the order of steps in the node validation algorit…

    hchiorean authored
    …hm and updated the test case that caused this issue
Commits on Feb 13, 2013
  1. @rhauch

    MODE-1805 Query system can be disabled in AS7 kit

    rhauch authored
    Added ability to completely disable the query system (including the
    generation/maintenance of indexes) in a repository in the AS7
    subsystem. (The JSON repository configurations had this ability for
    some time, but it could not be controlled in AS7.)
    This adds a new "enable-queries" XML attribute on the "repository"
    element in the subsystem configuration. This attributes defaults
    to "true" and therefore is backward compatible. However, setting it
    to "false" will completely disable the indexing system, although
    any index storage and indexing configuration within a repository
    configuration will remain as-is; it will simply not be used.
    This means that the repository's indexes and query system can be
    disabled (perhaps on a temporary basis) and then re-enabled without
    having to completely reconfigure the index storage and indexing
    It was discovered that executing queries on a repository that had
    its query system disabled resulted in a NPE, because the running
    state did not have a RepositoryQueryManager instance. Rather than
    deal with all of the potential NPEs, a new specialization of
    the RepositoryQueryManager, called RepositoryDisabledQueryManager,
    was added and is instantiated within the running state when queries
    are disabled. This specialization essentially no-ops all of the
    operations. The result is that queries will return no results
    rather than throw an exception.
    Additional warning messages are logged when the indexes are indeed
    disabled, since this will rarely be done in production.
    Several new tests were added, including unit tests (in
    'modeshape-jcr') and integration tests for the AS7 subsystem.
  2. @hchiorean @rhauch

    MODE-1810 - Added test cases which show that the problem cannot be re…

    hchiorean authored rhauch committed
  3. @hchiorean @rhauch

    MODE-1791- Updated the read-only option for connectors by adding a Wr…

    hchiorean authored rhauch committed
    …itableConnector base class which now contains the flag and by moving the read-only checks to the FederatedDocumentStore.
  4. @hchiorean @rhauch

    MODE-1791 - Added the "readonly" attribute to the connector hierarchy…

    hchiorean authored rhauch committed
    … and implemented support for it in the base connector class. Also. updated the JSON schema to support it.
  5. @hchiorean
  6. @hchiorean

    MODE-1806 - Changed the way the projections are stored/removed so tha…

    hchiorean authored
    …t the information is persisted each time into the repository. This way there shouldn't be any problems if the shutdown of the repository isn't orderly.
Commits on Feb 12, 2013
  1. @hchiorean @rhauch

    MODE-1799 - Fixed the moving of nodes located under root.

    hchiorean authored rhauch committed
  2. @hchiorean

    MODE-1802 - Updated as per code review, moved and added a test case t…

    hchiorean authored
    …o FileSystemConnectorTest.
Commits on Feb 11, 2013
  1. @hchiorean
Commits on Feb 8, 2013
  1. @rhauch

    Corrected compiler errors and warnings.

    rhauch authored
    This have accumulated over the last dozen or so commits.
  2. @hchiorean @rhauch

    MODE-1800 - Added the node primary type as information to the newDocu…

    hchiorean authored rhauch committed
    …mentId() method, giving connector implementations an additional piece of information.
  3. @hchiorean @rhauch

    MODE-1798 - Added explicit validation of the case when a preconfigure…

    hchiorean authored rhauch committed
    …d projection is created without an alias name or with an alias that ends in "/". Also, cleanup up a bit the code around preconfigured projections.
  4. @hchiorean
Commits on Feb 7, 2013
  1. @rhauch

    MODE-1795 Importing XML should map default XML namespace

    rhauch authored
    When importing XML, any XML namespaces should be used, even if the
    prefix for the XML namespace matches an existing namespace prefix.
    Per Section 11.1 of the JSR-283 specification, an existing JCR namespace
    should be used if its URL matches the XML namespace URI. If
    there is no existing JCR namespace matching the XML namespace URI,
    then the namespace should be registered using the XML namespace prefix
    if not already used or a generated prefix if the XML namespace prefix
    is already used.
    A new unit test case was added to verify the behavior.
  2. @hchiorean

    Updated the test data used by the binary stores to be directly relate…

    hchiorean authored
    …d to the default "minimum binary size" which controls what type of binaries are created.
  3. @hchiorean

    MODE-1785 - Updated the AS7 schema with attributes that are similar t…

    hchiorean authored
    …o the ones which are part of the JSON schema and which control the indexing rebuild behavior
  4. @hchiorean
  5. @hchiorean
  6. @hchiorean

    MODE-1785 - Implemented the logic behind index rebuilding at the repo…

    hchiorean authored
    …sitory level based on the "rebuildIndexesAtStartup" flag which contains 3 values: always, if_missing and never.
  7. @hchiorean

    MODE-1785 - Fixed a couple of FSConnector issues:

    hchiorean authored
    - a root node should not add itself as a parent (if it does, it exposes a StackOverflowError)
    - trailing slashes (/) in node ids should be removed when determining the file/parentFile
    - binary values (corresponding to jcr:content) shouldn't be queryable. If we want them to be queryable, we need to change the implementation to use ExternalBinaryValues.
  8. @rhauch


    evgeniy.shevchenko authored rhauch committed
    Exception messages was internationalized
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